Brits face new ’30C heat blast’ and Met Office expects ‘warm spells’ in October

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    UK temperatures could hit 30C in a matter of days – and the Met Office reckons more warm spells could follow in October.

    Blazing weather conditions saw temperatures exceed 30C every day last week with the hottest day of the year coming on Saturday (September 9) when 33.2C was recorded in Kew Gardens, London.

    Although conditions have since cooled down, forecasters expect the heat to return this weekend.

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    Netweather meteorologist Jo Farrow has said "continental warm air looks to be driven northwards to the UK" this weekend meaning "27 to maybe 30C is possible".

    For Saturday (September 16) Farrow writes: "Much warmer air will be pushing up into England and Wales as the cool air clings on in the far north of Scotland. The grey, damp frontal band will still be around bringing outbreaks of rain across a portion of Britain.

    "To the south of that, there will be clusters of showers and still the risk of a few heavy downpours with more feeding up across the Channel in the afternoon. With a breeze off the North Sea, the east coast will be comfortable, cool in the northeast. But inland it will feel warm for those in the sunshine."

    For Sunday (September 17) Farrow says different weather models show differing predictions, but inland temperatures could again be "well into the 20Cs".

    "For northern Scotland, it will be cool, for southern England, it will be warm and humid but likely to rain in the southwest," Farrow writes.

    "There is a risk of heavy downpours but as always with showers, some places will miss them."

    However the weekend warmth will clear away by Monday (September 18) meaning Brits shouldn't be expecting another week-long heatwave.

    The Met Office has said "late season warm spells" could return in October too, with the mercury exceeding 20C in places.

    "With southerly winds coming up from Europe, that'll generally bring a slightly warmer direction of air for us and would then allow those temperatures to climb a touch more," Jonathan Vautrey, a meteorologist at the Met Office, told the Mirror.

    "Obviously, it will be dependent on exactly what weather is currently across Europe at that stage as well because that's what we'll be tapping into. We may not see necessarily the same extreme heat building as this month but it will allow the temperatures to rise above average from the time of year.

    "At this stage, already the real indication is that they'll be slightly increased and above average for certain during that warm spell, so that might allow us to push 20C, or 20C plus in some locations."

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