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TOP Boy has had fans hooked since 2011, will its tale of rival drug-dealing gangs.

The fifth and final season of the gritty Netflix show came to a dramatic end, with some fans wondering what 'dark' means.

What is 'dark' in Top Boy?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from Top Boy season 5 episode 6

Netflix's hit series Top Boy has come to a bloody end.

The gritty show gave fans a brutal glimpse inside the drug-dealing underworld of East London through the fictional Summerhouse estate.

During Top Boy, fans were introduced to the saying 'dark', which is a slang name used for heroin.

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Heroin is a drug made from morphine, which is extracted from the opium poppy, and is one of the most addictive drugs in the world.

As well as being known as 'dark', the potent narcotic has numerous other slang names and is also called smack, junk, horse, skag and brown.

Inepisode 2 of the final series, Jaq comes home to find her sister Lauryn has drowned in the bath after taking 'dark'.

Heroin plays a key role in Top Boy, as it was the rival gangs deal.

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Kieron was killed in the final episode after it was mistakenly thought by Sully that he had stolen his 'dark' – when it was Jaq.

Every single episode of Top Boy can be streamed right now on Netflix.

The drama kicked off on Channel 4 in 2011, before being cancelled after two series.

With the help of Drake, Netflix then rescued the show and produced three more seasons,.

Top Boy came to an end in September 2023.

Who appears in the final season of Top Boy?

Top Boy season 5 brings with it an impressive cast of series' regulars and also some new faces.

The line-up includes:

  • Ashley Walters as Dushane
  • Kane 'Kano' Robinson as Sully
  • Little Simz as Shelley
  • Jasmine Jobson as Jaq
  • Araloyin Oshunremi as Stefan
  • Saffron Hocking as Lauryn
  • Hope Ikpoku Jr as Aaron
  • Lisa Dwan as Lizzie
  • Adwoa Aboah as Becks
  • Theo Ogundipe as Ruben
  • Erin Kellyman as Pebbles
  • Ava Brennan as Vee

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