ITV Big Brother Jenkin’s game plan ‘exposed’ as viewers say ‘not buying it’

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    Big Brother viewers think Jenkin has a game plan after being nominated for eviction, but they're "not buying it".

    During Monday's episode (November 6), following his unexpected nomination the day before, Jenkin was in an apologetic mood and tried to ease the tension by making a mend with some of his housemates. Heading over to Trish, Jenkin tried to put their previous squabbles to bed, but Trish wasn't convinced by Jenkin's nice demeanour.

    Not long after, Jenkin headed over to Yinrun and attempted to reassure her that he wanted to make more of an effort with their relationship. He also appeared to apologise for making her feel left out.

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    But fans seem to think Jenkin may have a plan up his sleeve to win over viewers with his nice persona. Heading over to X, formerly Twitter, one viewer said: "Jenkin we can see what you’re doing, now that you’re up for eviction you’ve suddenly become this kind and understanding individual.. we’re not buying it."

    Another viewer echoed: "Jenkin on an apology tour now he’s up for eviction. Embarrassing. We see you." A third said: "Jenkin is up for nomination….. oh , I will apologise to Trish. She can see your game."

    A fourth penned: "Jenkin desperately grappling at straws to make amends cause he thinks he’s going Friday." While another added: "SEE, So Jenkin did only say sorry to keep themselves in the game. Tom confirmed really. Just wow."

    But others appeared to take Jenkin's side. Offering an opposing view, one spectator wrote: "Idk if people just aren’t getting that Jenkin is just a blunt Welsh guy. There’s so many people like him. It’s not that deep. People on here jump to cancel someone over the smallest things."

    While another viewer seemed to think Trish may have a gameplan of her own to get Jenkin evicted. The social media user said: "Trisha (in my opinion) is seizing the opportunity to get Jenkin out. She knows that method worked against Paul & Dylan. She’s also learned that attack is not the way. It’s to paint the picture of the victim. She’s his next target."

    During tonight's episode, Trish told Big Brother that she didn't want to accept Jenkin's apology because she knew he "hated" her. She also seemed to think that some of the housemates were not happy with her after Paul's eviction.

    On Sunday's show, Trish and Yinrun decide to nominate Jenkin after their team lost during the challenge, Hunger Games. But although Jenkin said he didn't mind being nominated he didn't seem too happy.

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