Inside Strictly star Adam Thomas’ steamiest on-screen Emmerdale scenes

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    Strictly Come Dancing star Adam Thomas has been a huge hit on the BBC show but this isn't his first TV rodeo.

    Adam has currently been wowing fans every week alongside his dance partner Luba Mushtuk – and their stellar performances have definitely turned things up a notch.

    The Emmerdale actor has also become a soap success over his career as he played Adam Barton on the show. Throughout his soap career, he has also been involved in some rather steamy scenes. Here are some of his juiciest-ever moments.

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    Cucumber quip

    Adam was caught by his fellow Emmerdale cast whilst getting steamy together on a kitchen floor. He and Victoria Sugden were spotted by Ross Barton and Charity Dingle mysteriously holding a cucumber.

    Ross and Charity had been arguing about their son Moses when they accidentally interrupted the couple. The pair questioned the giggling couple on what they had been doing with the large green vegetable.

    Charity asked: "What are you doing? Messing around with cucumbers while eating each other's faces off?" ITV viewers then took to social media to ponder on what the pair had been up to.

    One fan said: "I hope Victoria doesn't use that cucumber in someone's salad." Another added: "I don't wanna know what she was doing with that cucumber."

    A third penned: "Adam and Victoria playing a bit of 'hide the cucumber'." A fourth shared: "Where's that cucumber been then??"

    Cheeky van session

    A few years ago, Adam was forced to tell his missus Victoria to stop stressing about trying for a baby and start living her life instead. Adam told Victoria: "I'm just frightened if we wish it too hard we're gonna ruin it."

    However, Victoria said she was still up for having fun and started kissing him, she then dragged Adam into the back of his van as he laughed. The van ended up rocking to highlight just what the pair were up to.

    ITV viewers also took to social media to comment on the scene. One said: "I love Adam and Victoria."

    A second added: "Vadam are adorable, it's just a shame they only give them air time when they're trying to ruin them." "Victoria and Adam are so sweet," a third penned.

    Cougar scandal

    Emmerdale Ella Hart also caused trouble in the village when she seduced Adam who was her own daughter's boyfriend. The blonde businesswoman, who was played by Corrinne Wicks, made a move on a young Adam, despite his burgeoning romance with her daughter Mia Macey (Sapphire Elia).

    Cougar Ella was feeling neglected by her on/off spouse Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) but found herself being attracted to Adam. Though when Ella decides to make a move on Adam, she is thrilled when he responds back in a sexual way.

    The bedroom scenes ended up becoming the beginning of an electric affair between the two, which all inevitably ended in tears. Ella and her toyboy Adam set Emmerdale viewers’ pulses racing and became one of the spiciest ever in the rural soap.

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