Good Morning Britain star bravely reveals sexual assault saying 'I'd never felt so scared in my life' | The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain star Will Njobvu has bravely opened up about being sexually assaulted.

The radio DJ – who came out as gay last year – admitted that the had "never felt so upset and scared" in his life.

Speaking about what had happened, Capital XTRA host Will, said: "I met a guy on Grindr and we went on a date outside and I went back to his.

"I think this is the first time in my life that I had experienced anything like this where someone was trying to be forceful with me but I was declining his advances and he was trying to do stuff.

"I’d never felt so upset and scared in my life. 

"I didn’t have my location on so no one could find me, my friends and family didn’t know where I was and this person sexually assaulted me."

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Will didn't want to report what had happened because he wasn't ready to talk about his sexuality with others.

Adding to the Metro, he said: "I always thought it was this dirty little secret and I didn’t want to tell the police in case my family find out and they find out about my sexuality."

The radio host then went to work the following day and put on a brave face – and acted as if nothing had happened.

Will told the publication: "I was on the Jeremy Vine Show the next morning and I was crying on the way into the studio.

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"I had to literally wash my face, put on a brave face, run into the studio, make it seem like everything was okay and in the commercial break I’d have flashbacks to the night before.

"I was really traumatised. 

"I didn’t tell anyone… Jeremy had no clue because, to his knowledge, I’m just the same upbeat Will.

"I didn’t tell anyone on production because again, I didn’t want to share details about my sexuality.

"I remember after that show was done, it was the biggest [sighs] 'right now I can go to the toilets and just cry'."

Will decided to tell the world that he was gay in a powerful TikTok video last year.

He said: “I’m Black, gay and proud. There, I said it.

“I never thought in a million years that those words would leave my mouth without me feeling cringed, uncomfortable or ashamed.”

“I think there’s power in knowing who you are and owning it.

"The one reason why I’m making this video about me being comfortable with my sexuality is because life is too short.

“So it doesn’t matter who you are, or what gender you are, just live your truth and be authentic to you.”

Will is best known for hosting a number of radio shows and his popular podcast.

After graduating from De Montfort University, he landed production work at Sky News, BBC Radio London, Channel 5 News and This Morning.

He currently hosts Capital XTRA's Saturday Breakfast show and Sunday afternoons.

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Will has also hosted the likes of ITV's The Masked Singer and a documentary called  Life After Love Island.

He also has his own podcast called Reality with Will Njobvu.

Where to get help if you’ve been sexually assaulted

According to the NHS there are a number of resources that you can use.

  • A sexual assault referral centre (SARCs)
  • Your GP surgery
  • Voluntary organisations such as Rape Crisis, Women's Aid, Victim Support, The Survivors Trust or Male Survivors Partnership
  • A sexual health clinic/contraceptive clinic
  • Call 111
  • The police/ call 101 or when in an emergency call 999

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