Aquaman 2 trailer – Jason Momoa returns but where is Amber Heard?

Watch the trailer for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

As teased earlier this week, Warner Bros have finally released their first full trailer for Aquaman 2.

Jason Momoa shot Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom back in 2021 and since then the film has been through production chaos with reshoots and multiple test screenings.

Set to finally release this Christmas and conclude the DCEU before James Gunn reboots the franchise with 2025’s Superman: Legacy, the first footage is action-packed and actually looks like some popcorn fun.

However, what’s strange about the trailer is the fact that Mera star Amber Heard only features for a split second.

Back in 2022, during the defamation court case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she claimed that her role had been “pared down” and her action scenes were “taken away”, which director James Wan has now spoken out on.

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Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Wan said: “I always pitched this to everyone from the get-go.

“The first Aquaman was Arthur and Mera’s journey. The second movie was always going to be Arthur and Orm [Patrick Wilson].

“So, the first was a romance action-adventure movie, the second one is a bromance action-adventure movie. We’ll leave it at that.”

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The official synopsis reads: “Having failed to defeat Aquaman the first time, Black Manta, still driven by the need to avenge his father’s death, will stop at nothing to take Aquaman down once and for all. This time Black Manta is more formidable than ever before, wielding the power of the mythic Black Trident, which unleashes an ancient and malevolent force.

“To defeat him, Aquaman will turn to his imprisoned brother Orm, the former King of Atlantis, to forge an unlikely alliance. Together, they must set aside their differences in order to protect their kingdom and save Aquaman’s family, and the world, from irreversible destruction.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits cinemas on December 20, 2023.

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