Queen's dresser hits back at claims she started Meghan hate campaign

EXCLUSIVE: Queen’s former dresser Angela Kelly insists ‘I don’t hate Meghan’ and says she ‘got on very well’ with her as she hits back at trolls who claim she kickstarted hate campaign against the Duchess of Sussex after tiara row

  • Mrs Kelly has decided to fight back and has been supported by her followers

The Queen’s former dresser Angela Kelly has complained she is being bullied over claims she began a hate campaign within the Royal Family against Meghan Markle.

Mrs Kelly, 65, who has been gifted a new home by The King, said her reputation was being sullied by online trolls who have targeted her social media.

She denied she vilified The Duchess of Sussex and added: ‘Meghan and I got on very well.’

Mrs Kelly was promised lifelong accommodation by the late Queen after serving her for more than 25 years. But within months of Her Majesty’s death, the dressmaker was asked to vacate her cottage on the Windsor estate.

She has moved to the Peak District, close to Sheffield, but despite ending her employment with the Royal Family, she has found herself accused of kick-starting resentment against the Duchess of Sussex.

The Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly (pictured at the Queen’s funeral), known by some as ‘AK-47’, allegedly didn’t respond to Harry’s messages about Meghan’s chosen tiara

The sparkling tiara Meghan wore on her wedding was the Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau, which was loaned to her by Harry’s grandmother the Queen from the Royal Collection

One anonymous troll called ‘Bed Patato’ posted on Mrs Kelly’s Instagram account which led her to fight back today.

The troll warned Mrs Kelly’s 12,500 followers: ‘Aren’t you the… who kickstarted the started whole hate campaign against Meghan…leaking things, making things up… I hope u get ur karma.’

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But the troll went further to claim Mrs Kelly, whose Instagram moniker is @agenthighheels, was hated within the Royal Family and had been kicked out of her Windsor home by the King.

But Mrs Kelly, a docker’s daughter from Liverpool, has decided to fight back and has been roundly supported by her followers.

She said: ‘I don’t hate Meghan.

‘You have got this all wrong. So please stop this bullying. Stop discrediting me.

‘Megan and I got on very well. Get your facts right and leave me alone.

However, Mrs Kelly was roundly defended for her service to the Royal Family by others.

One called pdavoli stated: ‘Block this horrible person. You don’t deserve this from anyone. Your tender care was a gift and your support meant the works to Her Majesty.’

The row broke out as the nation mourned the first anniversary of Her Majesty’s passing.

And one supporter added: ‘@bedpatato go away you absolutely horrible hateful person, this is a sad day for this beautiful lady. 

‘The Queen was a very perceptive woman and would only have the cream of the crop around her and @agenthighheels was at the top so work it out for yourself and crawl back under your stone!’

The Queen is pictured with Angela Kelly (left) at London Fashion Week on February 20, 2018

Mrs Kelly, pictured here in December 2018, who has been gifted a new home by The King, said her reputation was being sullied by online trolls who have targeted her social media. 

Palace sources say that Mrs Kelly could often be found sitting with the Queen, making her laugh and filling Her Majesty in on the latest plot twists of television soap operas. Left to right is Caroline Rush, the Queen, Anna Wintour and Angela Kelly in 2018

While Ms Kelly was adored by the late Queen, who granted her the right to produce books about her role, Ms Kelly ruffled feathers among staff and senior Royals. Her quick temper even earned her the nickname AK-47.

Ms Kelly was praised for overhauling the Queen’s image with outfits in eye-catching colours and matching hats. As Her Majesty’s health faltered, Ms Kelly became more of a personal assistant. The monarch had once told her: ‘We could be sisters.’

On the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year, Ms Kelly described it as ‘a very sad day for me today. I said goodbye to my best friend.’

Yesterday she wrote: ‘I will never forget you. I will always love you. I miss you my friend’ and ended with a heart emoji.

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