Most popular baby names of 2023 as traditional girls’ name reclaims its crown

The most popular baby names of 2023 have been revealed, with a surprising twist at the top of the girls' list

According to fresh data from BabyCentre, first shared by The Mirror, a traditional girls' name has climbed back to number one this year.

Olivia had been the favourite girls' name for over five years since 2015, only losing out last year when Sophia took the title.

But Sophia's reign was brief, as Olivia is now back on top – partly due to a change in how BabyCentre ranks names.

The parenting site now counts different spellings of a name as separate entries.

So, while Sophia used to be a top pick, it has fallen now that 'Sophia' and 'Sofia' are ranked separately. This means Sophia with a 'ph' is now the eighth most popular name for 2023, while the 'f' spelling is 21st.

Faye Mingo, a representative for BabyCentre, shared: "Parents spend a lot of time thinking not only about their baby's name but how it's spelt. They may be small, but these differences are important to parents so we will now be including all individual baby name spellings in our charts."

Interestingly, when BabyCentre revealed its half-year data in July this year, Lily was actually the most popular girls' name in the country, and Olivia was third place behind Sophia.

In the final results, however, Lily has dropped to fourth place, and was beaten to a podium spot by Amelia in second and Isla in third. The top five was rounded out by fifth place Ava, while Freya, Ivy, Sophia, Grace, and Willow makeup spots five to 10.

Over on the most popular boys' names list, there have been no changes to the five most chosen monikers since last year. Muhammad is still in first place, while Noah, Theo, Leo, and Oliver makeup the rest of the top five.

The top 10 sees Arthur keep sixth place from the half-year data, while Jack – which was sixth place last year and seventh in July – has fallen all the way down to 10th. George, Luca, and Freddie makeup the rest of the top 10.

This year, many mums and dads have been inspired by "witchcore", a trend on social media that celebrates all things magical and powerful with a hint of girl power.

As a result, names with 'witchy vibes' like Sage for boys and Lyra for girls have become super popular.

However, the Royal drama over the past year has put parents off certain names. Harry, Charles, William and Meghan have all seen a drop in popularity.

Check out the top 100 girls' and boys' names for 2023 below!

Top 100 girls' names for 2023

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