Cooking fans praise £1.49 item to remove grease off Ninja air fryer like ‘magic’

Food lovers have been using air fryers to cook up a storm at home but many struggle to get rid of the gunk and grease, left in the fry basket after use.

One Ninja fan turned to social media to look for a cleaning solution, asking: "How do we deep clean the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer?"

Some people have been raving about a £1.49 household item to remove oily residues from the air fryer.

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The multifunctional gadget can fit a 1.6kg chicken in each drawer using one of six cooking functions. Although oil is not required when it comes to air frying, certain foods release oil when they are heated.

Sharing on Mrs Hinch Clean Tips Facebook group, some users suggested to place the baskets in a dishwasher and let it do the heavy work.

Others came up with a more energy-saving suggestion as one posted a picture of Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray, adding: "Dish up ya scran, rinse with hot water then a good spray of this bad boy and leave to soak whilst you eat — then… Boom! Magic!"

A second also agreed and commented: "Little Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray, hot water in the drawers and air fry for two minutes."

And a third said it took her about 10 minutes to remove the grease and oil stains.

"Washing up liquid, a teaspoon of baking soda sprinkled in, fill with boiling water to above the plates turn on for 10 mins," she added. "Dirt just wipes off really easy in the sink after."

To clean the compartment inside Ninja air fryer, one foodie said she'd give the inside "a wipe with a damp cloth but no cleaning fluids".

Great for glasses, pans and plates, the Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray is a power degreasing, ready-to-use, washing up liquid spray.

Make cleaning the dishes a breeze with this powerful formula and enjoy the lemon fresh scent left behind.


And if you don't want to bother doing the cleaning with your hands, a Facebook fan swore by his dishwasher, explaining: "I've done it for around three years with no problems — top or bottom!

"I take out the risers in both drawers so it can be cleaned better — no problem whatsoever!"

You can also get an XXL pack of 74 Fairy Platinum all-in-one dishwasher tablets from eBay for £12.20, or a twin pack Fairy washing up liquid from Amazon for £3.60.

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