Style expert tells women to stop wearing popular item – ‘it looks like a duvet’

When it comes to looking younger, women have plenty of options and do not have to be content with growing old gracefully.

Ladies can dye their hair if they’re going grey, or have hair extensions fitted if it’s getting on the thinner side.

A skincare revamp or new makeup routine can also work wonders in taking years off a woman’s face.

Fashion influencer for the over 50s Deirdre spoke exclusively to about how women can look younger via their wardrobes.

The expert, who runs 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, said: “Over 50 and lost your style direction? But, you’d like to look more youthful and current?”

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She offered a “simple” tip for women so they can “look – and more importantly, feel – like the best, (younger) version” of themselves.

Comfies are a wardrobe staple and most peoples’ favourite, at that. But while it’s important that clothes are comfy and cosy, this can’t be the only thing about them.

Deirdre advised women to “stop wearing clothes only for comfort – make sure they actually flatter you too”. 

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She said: “I know that a snuggly, loose sweatshirt and old, faded lounge pants are cosy and feel like a duvet, but they look like a duvet too!”

This doesn’t mean ladies must ditch their snug clothing altogether. Rather, they should be mindful about how they wear them and what they pair them with.

Deirdre advised: “To look more youthful, combine comfort with style. So, that sweatshirt could work but teamed with fitted, jersey trousers, which are still relaxed but the whole look is more balanced and flattering, not to say ‘youthifying’ too.”

In a similar vein, Deirdre told women to show off their assets and not drown their figures in loose clothing.

She explained: “Baggy, saggy clothes will do you no favours and, through a lack of any body definition, will make you look older than you are.

“Sadly, not only do baggy clothes have an ageing effect, but also the eye assumes that you are as wide and as big as your clothes.

“So, baggy clothes will make you look older and bigger than you actually are. It’s kind of a ‘I don’t really care what I look like’ approach, and you deserve better than that!”

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