Travis Kelce's Brother Defends Taylor Swift Romance After That 'Third Date' Hookup Dealbreaker Quote Resurfaces!

Jason Kelce has his little brother Travis Kelce’s back!

Amid his romance with Taylor Swift, a video resurfaced of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016. In that interview the NFL star spilled some of his dating dealbreakers. And it turns out they were a little controversial…

Travis admitted women who don’t “like to give oral sex” would have been a problem for him. But that wasn’t the only one! The football player also said he wants to be having sex by the third date — and it’s a dealbreaker if she turns him down! Eesh!

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Considering Travis and Taylor have hung out multiple times before she attended his game over the weekend, fans most likely are wondering if they hooked up already or if he has been fine with taking things slow with the Lover songstress. Obvi, those two aren’t going to spill too much tea about their current situation — certainly not when it comes to that topic!

But his older brother Jason will give us a little more insight! The 35-year-old Philadelphia Eagles star seemed to have come to Travis’ defense on that third date hookup quote during a new appearance on the WIP Morning Show Wednesday.

When asked about “what base” the new couple is on, Jason said he had no idea. However, the center insisted — contrary to that 7-year-old interview — that Travis has no problem with taking things slow in a relationship if that is what his partner wants. And for Taylor, Jason shared that the Catching Kelce alum has been nothing but “a gentleman” with her:

“It definitely seems like he is going above and beyond to be a gentleman. I think that he can probably handle both of those gears when necessary.”


Well, things certainly seem to be progressing between Travis and Taylor as they’ve now taken their romance public! You know by now that she was in attendance at Sunday’s Chiefs game with the Chicago Bears and even hung out with his momma Donna Kelce. And of course, her presence at the stadium has been making waves ever since.

On the WIP Morning Show, Jason revealed he knew Taylor planned on coming to the game over the weekend and would have created a frenzy with both fans and the media. When asked about his “reaction” to her appearance, he said:

“My reaction was exactly, this is exactly what I think is gonna happen. She’s gonna go to the game, and the whole world’s gonna lose their goddamn mind. That’s exactly what I thought was gonna happen.”

Everyone probably would have guessed that would happen — if only they’d known! This is Taylor Swift we’re talking about here! Anywhere she goes creates chaos! Although everyone was freaking out over the Taylor sighting, Jason was more focused on his family at the time. He told hosts Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie:

“So it was fun watching the whole world take it in, to be honest with you. But yeah, I’m more focused on talking to Trav and Mom after the game and seeing how everything went, and hopefully, everything went smoothly for her.”

Just because he was focusing on how things went with Travis and Donna, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t concerned about Tay, too. He did worry about whether or not the Cats star enjoyed the game while dealing with fan frenzy:

“I saw videos of the brigade that the Chiefs had to put outside the suite that she was in – you just hope that somebody of her level and stature can enjoy the game.”

Based on the videos, it seemed like she had a good time during the game and afterward when she hung out with Trav!

But beyond these statements, Jason seems to be keeping his lips sealed on what’s going on between Travis and Taylor moving forward. In fact, now that they’ve gone public, Jason says he is glad he doesn’t have to field the questions about the relationship anymore!

“I’m happy that it finally happened out in the public side, so I can hopefully stop being asked questions about it.”

Lolz! Jason must be sick of everyone asking him about it at this point! But we hate to break it to him, we doubt people will stop questioning him about the relationship any time soon. The Swifties are going to want updates on these two!

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