Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: A special Christmas delivery for Dawn

Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: A special Christmas delivery for Dawn


Finally, life appears to be looking up for Dawn as she prepares to welcome her second child, albeit with a different father, Billy. That’s some family she’s acquiring. In addition to son Lucas, she is also adoptive mother to Clemmie, Lucas’s sister.

It’s been a rocky time though, with fears that Dawn’s previous drug use might affect the pregnancy. Is that why she’s opted for a birthing pool rather than pain relief? 

She starts to have contractions at the Christmas fair. What could have induced them? The shock of seeing Nate win Best Santa (it’s hard to imagine him ever summoning up the energy to utter Ho Ho Ho), or the reported imminent arrival of Torvill and Dean?

Dawn makes it back home in time and gives birth to a boy, and Billy is overwhelmed when he’s named after his father, Evan, who died when Billy was a child. Blimey. That was a quick decision; the pool hasn’t even been deflated yet.

Dawn and Billy welcome new arrival Evan on Emmerdale this week. In addition to son Lucas, Dawn is also adoptive mother to Clemmie, Lucas’s sister

It very nearly doesn’t happen at all, after Will finds a drunken Kim slumped beside the pool (don’t most people reach for a bucket?). 

Having revealed her part in Craig’s death, Kim urges Will to keep it secret (fat chance), but he feels betrayed. 


Her dad’s a wrong’un, but it’s to him Emmerdale’s Chloe turns as she battles with Mack.

‘It’s complicated,’ says Jessie Elland (Chloe). ‘A dichotomy between loving him and knowing who he really is.’

Luckily, Kim gathers herself together to avoid the birthing pool and be ill elsewhere, but Will is left worried about the state she’s got herself into. 

Not as worried as he would have been if he’d had to clean the pool before Dawn took up residence in it.

Will’s not the only one nursing a secret, and Tracy is panicked that Nicky knows about her affair with Caleb. 

Nicky admonishes them, which seems a bit rich coming from a man who kept the teeny-weeny secret about his being gay from his bride until their wedding day.

Mack’s hair is in full floppy overdrive again when, after an argument with Charity, he storms off. Next thing you know, he’s out cold and bound to a chair in an abandoned factory. Oh, not another kidnapping. Has the show been offered a job lot of discounted bondage gear?


As mothers of serial killers go, Audrey is the pinnacle of delusion about her son. With Jenny and Carla having failed to persuade her to hand over Stephen’s journal, Daisy takes action, telling Jenny she’s entitled to a cut of the money to buy back the Rovers. 

Stealing David’s keys, Daisy lets herself into number 8 and searches frantically. But what happens when Audrey returns?

Despite claiming to have a bank loan, Jenny tells Daisy there’s another offer on the pub and they’ll have to submit a sealed bid. 

So, who are the rivals? Stupid people, I’d guess. Have they seen the takings? The pub sells half a dozen drinks and three hot pots a week.

Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) steals David’s keys and lets herself into number 8, searching frantically for Stephen’s journal

Peter is also obsessing over Stephen and confides in Tim, who advises Peter to forget about him and focus on the good things in life. Oh dear, that’s going to be a brief thought. 

No drink at Christmas, a tiny flat, a nagging wife, and a son who also turns to drink when the going gets tough. Thinking about Stephen is a walk in the park compared to that.

Dan’s got a plan to get over Daisy

With Corrie’s Daniel having made it clear that it’s over between him and Daisy, does this clear the way for him to reignite his relationship with Bethany when she returns?

‘Bethany’s return will definitely work in his favour,’ says Rob Mallard (Daniel). ‘It could allow him to skip that grieving process of his and Daisy’s relationship and the cheating.’ But is it a goer long term? ‘I think Bethany would be a temporary hold for Daniel for now.’


Is it too late for Denise to save her marriage?

Told you! The moment Charli was born, I predicted having a granddaughter in common would throw Jack and Stacey into each uvver’s parvs (I wish Stacey would get elocution lessons for Christmas). 

Denise confronts Jack when she finds a necklace belonging to another woman

Alas, though, Jack wakes full of regret and when Denise heads for number 20 to try to save her marriage, she’s shocked to find he slept with someone else. Really? The only shock is that he didn’t do it sooner.

Finding a necklace, Denise presses Jack on the mystery woman, but he lies and says it was a stranger. The truth comes out when Denise spots the pair together. 

Despite Jack trying to make amends with Denise, she tells him she can’t forgive him for using Amy’s mental health to blackmail her. Small wonder Jack loses it. Does she ever stop nagging him for five minutes?

The Walford carol concert is in jeopardy when Kim loses her voice (Yay! There is a God!), but Howie steps up after some words of encouragement from Patrick. How do we just know that this isn’t going to end well?

And is Eve alive or dead? Fearing the worst, Suki plans revenge on Nish. Christmas Day corpse kind of revenge?

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