S Club’s Hannah was ‘ghosted’ by Brian McFadden when he moved on with Kerry Katona

Hannah Spearritt has opened up about sending fellow 90s pop star Brian McFadden a love letter and how he “ghosted” her.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that the pair went on a few dates and really hit it off, having often been at the same events, her as part of S Club and him with the members of Westlife.

"We’d crossed paths quite a few times and always chatted backstage at events, so we would often speak and I guess flirt a bit. I liked the way he carried himself — he had swagger. We did have a couple of dates, went out for drinks.”

She continued by saying that she found him “charming, naughty, entertaining and very handsome.”

"I found him charming, naughty, entertaining and very handsome. We may have both been in a hotel at one point together, or something like that. But then he ghosted me."

She continued that after all of this, she decided to be a romantic and write him a love letter but then found out that he had begun dating and fallen for Kerry Katona.

"I’d thought he liked me, and wrote him a love letter to explain how I felt, and it turned out he was in love with Kerry Katona."

The 42 year old, who was recently revealed to be a part of the 2024 lineup for Dancing on Ice, has been grieving for her bandmate Paul Cattermole who passed away earlier this year in April.

The pair dated for five years in the early 2000s before calling things off, and following his death “couldn’t stop crying” and was “heartbroken” for the 46 year old and his family as Paul had been “happier than he had been in years.”

She told The Sun: "It's still so raw and I have these moments where I don't quite believe that it's real," she said.

"My heart is broken for him and his family. He was happier than he had been in years, so for this to happen now, makes it even more heart-breaking.”

She continued that being in the limelight makes his death harder to grieve.

"And with Paul being famous, it makes it more difficult emotionally as it’s a lot harder to block it all out, which is my coping mechanism. Having said that, the messages of support have been heart-warming – they have helped bring a little ray of sunshine within the darkness."

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