Henry Winkler Says Patrick Mahomes Left Him Hanging On Chicken Dinner Invite

The squeaky-clean Patrick Mahomes may have finally misstepped … ’cause according to Henry Winkler, the Chiefs superstar has inexplicably left him hanging on a sweet dinner invitation.

The Fonz relayed the surprising news to TMZ Sports while signing some autographs in Los Angeles this week … saying despite initially agreeing to come to Winkler’s pad for a homemade meal, Mahomes has now ghosted.

“I think he fibbed to me,” a defeated Winkler told us.

If you’re unfamiliar … Winkler and Mahomes first made the plans back in 2022, after the guys developed a bromance following an in-person meeting on the sidelines of a Chiefs vs. Chargers game.

Winkler said he was going to make the quarterback his famous chicken stuffed with ricotta — and it seemed it had all been set to go down in the offseason after Mahomes won Super Bowl LVII.

Patrick Mahomes speaks with Harry Winkler

But apparently, Mahomes has reneged on the deal … and check out the clip, Winkler couldn’t appear to be more sad about it.

Of course, Mahomes was busy this offseason with his newborn son … so maybe he’s waiting for 2024 to break bread with Winkler??

Keep the faith, Henry!!

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