Gwyneth Paltrow declares infamous vagina candle a ‘feminist statement’

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Gwyneth Paltrow got candid about her vagina candle as she responded to fans’ questions in an Instagram Q&A shared with her 8.3 million followers.

The Hollywood star filmed herself explaining how the idea for the infamous home decor item first occurred to her as a “feminist statement”.

One social media user asked: “What was the thought process behind the infamous candle?’ to which Paltrow responded: “This is a great question.

“So the thought process behind the infamous candle, essentially, was that it was a really strong feminist statement.”

“So many women have been raised, at least in my generation, to think there’s something wrong with themselves, or that the vagina is weird or gross, or something to be ashamed of.”

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The actress continued: “And so the candle was supposed to be a very strong, punk rock kinda F-you to anyone who ever made us feel like that.

“It was not supposed to actually smell like anyone’s vagina.

“It smelled like roses and all kinds of things, and that was the point.”

The Shakespeare in Love star explained the media’s portrayal of the candle was what changed the narrative behind the product.

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She said: “But unfortunately, you know, the media being what it is and things being so clickbaity — people tried to make it about something else.

“Which is kind of a shame because it was really meant to be this strong feminist statement.”

But unfortunately for fans of the Iron Man star, the candles are no longer available for purchase.

“We no longer make the candles,” the movie star confirmed.

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