Bad Bunny Rocks 'K' Necklace As Kendall Jenner Romance Gets More Serious!

Did Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner just subtly make it Instagram official?!

The Puerto Rican rapper sent fans into a frenzy on the ‘gram when he added several pics to his Stories — one of which he’s wearing what appears to be the 27-year-old’s gold initial necklace around his neck! The short video had eagle-eyed shippers raising their eyebrows because Kendall has worn this necklace on many occasions, and now it seems to be hanging off of her rumored beau’s neck.

Ch-ch-check out a grab of the story (below):

And here’s a pic of what appears to be the same necklace being worn by the reality star last year in an interview with Vogue:

That’s DEFINITELY the same gold chain, right?!

It seems like the 29-year-old record producer is making a small hint toward their budding romance, and it’s definitely caught everyone’s attention. Following his post, fans were quick to comment on the couple’s status, writing across social media:

“He already rocked this months ago at his basketball team’s game in PR. It was everywhere.”

“So what are we calling them? Kenny? Benny? Bendall?”

“That’s hot

One fan even pointed out:

“He calls her mami on his latest post awww

Another clip in BB’s Stories showed him on a hike with a woman, presumed to be Kendall, when she spots a chipmunk on the ground and tries to coax it to come closer. It’s at this point he says to her “mami, be careful”. It’s unclear if this was the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, but it SOUNDS LIKE HER — and it certainly comes at such a convenient time amid all their other antics!

If he wasn’t making himself clear enough, though, he did give her tequila brand 818 a shoutout when he posted a pair of cocktails made with it — so, that’s a pretty obvious confirmation!

And the rapper, whose real name is Benito Martinez Ocasio, wasn’t done there. In the middle of his photo and video dump, he shared a super risqué photo where he’s fresh out of the shower and bearing it all! The HAWT pic comes as a very welcomed surprise to Story watchers — and even though he’s been known to post the occasional racy photo here and there, this one takes the cake!

We mean, take a look for yourself (below):


What do U think about Kendall and Bad Bunny’s relationship going to the next social media level? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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