XR activists hijack Shell AGM in London disguised as shareholders

Eco mob hijack Shell AGM: XR activists disguised as shareholders continuously chant ‘we will stop you’ for 30 MINUTES forcing oil giant to suspended annual meeting

  • Extinction Rebellion and other groups descended on Central Hall in Westminster
  • Oil company Shell is due to vote on a resolution supporting its climate strategy 
  • Dozens of protestors gathering outside, where at least two have scaled building

A 70-strong eco-mob has hijacked a meeting of top Shell executives in central London today by singing their own rendition of Queen’s hit song We Will Rock You, before telling shareholders: ‘We will dismantle you!’  

The eco-zealots, led by Extinction Rebellion, were filmed interrupting the company’s annual general meeting (AGM), being held at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, forcing it to be temporarily suspended. 

Shell is due to ask its shareholders to vote on a resolution supporting its climate strategy and rebuff an activist climate resolution, another version of which garnered 30 per cent of votes at last year’s AGM. 

A video today shows the moment a group of protestors disguised as shareholders stand up and begin singing ‘We will, we will, stop you!’, before other members begin delivering speeches, telling the execs: ‘We will make it impossible for you to exist.’ 

One protestor is seen being pulled by her collar by a man in a face mask before a fellow demonstrator pushes his hand away. 

She then shouts towards the stage: ‘You are willfully leading us to disaster, you are a disgrace, Shell must fall!’

The Extinction Rebellion zealots were filmed interrupting the company’s AGM meeting, being held at Central Hall in Westminster, forcing it to be temporarily suspended

Eco-mob protestors unfurl signs at Shell’s AGM in central London, with one reading: ‘Shareholders fund death’ 

Protestors scale the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, which was hosting Shell’s AGM

Police arrive to Shell’s AGM meeting as protestors continue to sing and chant 

One shareholder is heard shouting: ‘Shell forever’, as the eco-warriors continue to read out their messages. 

After some time, Shell Chairman Sir Andrew McKenzie said: ‘OK, thank you. I would like to carry on with the meeting if I may’, but was prevented from doing so by the protesters.

‘That was an interesting start to our annual general meeting. I have listened to you for 15 minutes, could you,’ he added, before being interrupted again.

‘I do not want to get to this, but if necessary I will ask you to leave the meeting so we can continue with the annual general meeting,’ he added.

He then told the group that he had asked the police to ‘come and restore order’ and remove them from the meeting.  

‘You have given me no alternative,’ he added.

The meeting continued to be delayed while dozens of protestors also gathered outside, chanting: ‘Shell must fall.’ 

Protestors unfurl banner reading: ‘Guilty of ecocide’ outside the Shell meeting in London on Tuesday

Activists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion demonstrate outside Methodist Central Hall on May 24, 2022 in London

Demonstrators outside Shell’s AGM today accused the oil giant of profiteering off the Ukraine war 

Some held up banners reading: ‘No faith in fossil fuels’ as police officers were pictured arriving at the scene. 

At least two were seen scaling the building wearing disguises. 

One protestor was pictured holding a sign reading: ‘They came, they drilled, they wrecked the planet’, as a Metropolitan Police officer looked up. 

The protesters came from several different groups, including Money Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion, Christian Climate Action, Fossil Free London, Shell Must Fall and Stop Ecocide. 

They claimed that around 80 demonstrators were in the meeting hall. 

Joanna Warrington, from Fossil Free London, said: ‘We can tackle the climate crisis and the cost-of-living scandal, but Shell is standing in the way. 

‘It’s pushing ahead with reckless oil and gas projects that would take us far beyond safe climate limits, like the controversial Jackdaw gas field. 

‘As millions of people struggle to pay bills, Shell rakes in record profits by keeping energy prices high and paying zero tax on its UK oil and gas. 

‘This Government should be turbocharging investment in renewables and insulation, not handing whopping tax breaks to companies that burn our future for profit.’ 

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