Worker attacked at ‘Jurassic Park’ resort mauled and ‘torn’ by Komodo Dragon

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A worker has been mauled by a Komodo Dragon at a "Jurassic Park" resort leaving parts of his body torn, it has been reported.

The employee has been identified as Elias Agas, who had ben working at the resort in Rinca Island at the time of the brutal attack.

The 46-year-old had to be taken to hospital in an emergency after the reptile "tore several parts of his body.”

He was taken in a speedboat off the island to a nearby hospital.

The lizard is known to be quick and powerful, and according to Aloysius Suhartim Karya, who leads the preservation group Tourism Rescue Society Forum, “they can’t act normally when they get stressed out,” reports Vice.

It can grow up to three metres (10 feet) in rare occasions and weigh up to 70kg.

Jurassic Park resort is currently under construction, however has already sparked controversy.

The multi-million dollar project has come under fire as it's home to 1000 of the remaining 5,700 Komodo Dragons around the world, reports

There were talks of banning tourists in a bid to protect the species, however, resort bosses decided to raise ticket prices instead to limit visitors.

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According to witnesses, the lizard had gotten within a few feet from them before the attack.

A similar incident took place in November 2017, when a lizard snuck up on a worker as he was repairing the toilet.

In May 2017, a tourist who did not opt for a tour guide in a bid to save money in West Manggarai, Indonesia, was attacked by the reptile.

Lon Lee Alle who was 50-years-old at the time crept up to the Komodo Dragon to take pictures after not following advice.

Captain Rama Hasan said: ''This was a pretty silly thing to do. You should be very careful near wildlife, particularly Komodo dragons.

"The man was in pain. He was lucky there were people around to help him, or it could have been much worse.''

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