Woman’s uncanny Madeleine McCann resemblance goes viral – and she’s named Maddie

A woman has left viewers gobsmacked by her striking similarity to missing tot Madeleine McCann after she showed her own childhood picture on TikTok.

The TikToker, who is also called Maddie by coincidence, shared the footage after being told by friends and family about her uncanny appearance.

In the video the influencer posted, she first shows a picture of the little Madeleine she found online.

Maddie then reveals her passport photo taken roughly around the same age as the missing girl.

The appearance is uncanny as she has very similar hairstyle with bangs covering the forehead, green eyes and an oval face.

Some noticed the resemblance and were shocked by the looks of both.

One wrote: "No f***ing way, you're also the same age as her."

"No I'm thinking more Taylor Swift, or even Kendall from Dance Moms," another suggested.

Madeleine disappeared from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal’s Algarve in 2007, when she was four years old.

She has never been found, but police in Germany have named Christian Brueckner – currently serving time for drug offences – as their number one suspect.

Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters has admitted the evidence against the 44-year-old is “circumstantial” but remains “100% convinced” he kidnapped her.

Mr Wolters told the McCanns: “We are confident we have the man who took and killed your daughter.”

He added: “I personally think a conclusion will be reached next year.”

Meanwhile, an unnamed pal of Brueckner claimed to police that he had a fetish for dangerous situations.

The unnamed mate said Brueckner told him he took pleasure from torturing, was attracted to children and would kill a person "faster than an animal".

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