Woman who refused to help mobster neighbour ‘killed by Mafia and fed to pigs’

A woman was murdered and allegedly fed to pigs after refusing to give up her land to a neighbour with ties to a mafia clan, it has been reported.

Maria Chindamo, a 42-year-old businesswoman, from Italy's Calabria region, became the latest in a long line of people from the region to disappear without trace when she vanished on May 6, 2016, from outside her farm in the Limbadi municipality, near Calabria's western coast.

According to local media reports on Wednesday which cited former gangsters said to have knowledge of the events leading up to Maria's death, the businesswoman was "kidnapped and then killed".

Antonio Cossidente, a former mafioso who is working with the authorities, has alleged that an influential figure in the region's 'Ndrangheta mafia carried out the gruesome killing, according to a transcript published by regional news website Il Vibonese.

Cossidente said he got the information from a young 'Ndrangheta member who he had met in prison and who has also quit organized crime, Emanuele Mancuso.

It is reported that Maria's death was particularly grisly and she would have been forcefully dragged into a van, taken to a farmhouse, killed and then thrown into the ground, crushed with the threshing machine, and then fed to the pigs, Corriere.it reports.

"The woman was fed to pigs," it is reported Mancuso had said.

Arrested in 2019 as part of the probe into Chindamo's death but later released, the alleged perpetrator has close ties to the Mancuso clan.

The landowner's disappearance came just one year after her husband had killed himself, complicating things for investigators.

Italian media reported that specialist anti-mafia police are examining the former mobsters' allegations.

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