Woman has knife wedged into nose in brutal attack and miraculously survives

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A woman somehow survived after having a 10-inch knife lodged in her nose in a horrifying attack.

Shocking images show the 60-year-old Russian woman with the blade embedded in her face after she had stumbled into the street following the attack in a desperate bid to get help.

A man has been arrested over the incident.

According to local reports, she was victim of a “domestic dispute” and was rescued by a neighbour and paramedics.

The horrendous incident took place in the Krasnodar region of Russia.

The knife was taken out and emergency medical attention was given, but X-ray images show that the knife was stuck in her nose and face, but did not cause any fatal wounds.

It was “miraculous” that she survived, said reports citing doctors and law enforcement officers.

A 64-year-old man was detained on suspicion of attempted murder.

A spokesman from the regional health ministry said: “Soon after the woman was admitted, she was sent to the operating table.

“The surgery lasted 60 minutes. A knife with a 10-inch blade was removed.”

Doctors confirmed to local media that, while her nose and sinus areas were damaged, she would not have life-changing injuries.

The Russian Investigative Committee [RIC] said that there had been a “quarrel” between the pair, which escalated into the “accused stabbing the [woman] with a knife in the face in the nose”.

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A spokesman for the RIC said: “The victim was able to run out into the street and call for help.

“The accused could not complete his criminal intent aimed at killing his wife, since the victim was able to run out into the street and call for help.

“Local residents called an ambulance and law enforcement officers to the scene. The victim was taken to hospital, where she continues to receive medical care.”

The man will remain in custody while an investigation into the stabbing takes place.

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