Woman gets on wrong easyJet flight and ends up 2,000 miles from destination

A frequent flyer who accidentally boarded the wrong plane ended up taking a 2,400-mile detour on her way home to visit her family.

Gemma Cargin, 25, works as a teacher in Manchester but regularly gets an easyJet flight home to visit her folks in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately when she arrived at Manchester airport on Sunday, May 30, the video display screen at the boarding gate wasn’t working.

So she wasn’t to know that the flight that she thought would take her home to Belfast was in fact heading to Gibraltar.

Even though Gemma's boarding pass had been scanned by airport staff , no-one noticed that she was getting on the wrong plane.

With what she thought would be a 40 minute flight ahead of her, Gemma settled down for a nice nap.

It was only when she woke up, she told the BBC, they she realised she was in trouble: "I woke up from my nap and I looked at the time, and I just asked: 'When are we landing, are we landing soon?'

"They told me we were landing in an hour and fifteen minutes – and I said: 'Is this flight not going to Belfast?'

"They told me it was going to Gibraltar… I said: 'Guys, I'm on the wrong flight'.

At that post Gemma had a bit of a panic, worried that she didn’t know how she might get home from Gibraltar.

"Also, she added, “I was thinking about my parents because I knew they were picking me up and that they had no idea where I was.”

It wasn’t until after the flight landed that Gemma was able to get mobile phone service and call her mum to tell her what was going on.

Luckily, Gemma's easyJet flight was due to head back to Manchester and the company managed to sort out a seat for her, as well as an onward connection to taker her on to Belfast Airport.

But the unplanned day trip to The Rock had added around 1,200 miles to her journey and the total round trip involved a detour of 2,396 miles.

All in, Gemma’s mistake cost her about four hours. Because she hadn’t technically left the plane, there were no quarantine restrictions but the crew did let Gemma off to stretch her legs and snap a cheeky selfie proving that she’s been to Gibraltar.

"I'd never been before,” she said, “so now I can tick it off the list.

"I have proof, the selfie was a souvenir."

An easyJet spokesperson told the Daily Star that the company would be investigating with the airport and its ground handling partner at Manchester how Gemma was able to board an aircraft she didn’t have a ticket for.

"As soon as the mistake was realised,” the company explained, “it was arranged for them to fly back to Manchester and on to Belfast, their original intended destination.

"Ms Cargin was looked after by our team throughout and provided with refreshments.

"We would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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