Woman dumped her boyfriend then had a daughter with his FATHER

Woman who dumped her boyfriend then had a daughter with his FATHER reveals they are now getting married with jilted lover’s blessing

  • Jamie-Rae Roberston first met Andy Pinder when she was going out with his son
  • Ms Robertson and Mr Pinder admitted they were both attracted to each other
  • After splitting with their respective partners the pair started their relationship
  • Now the happy couple who have been together since 2015 will marry in July 

A woman who dumped her then lover for his father before having his daughter is now getting married with her jilted lover’s blessing.

In a remarkable merry-go-around, Jamie-Rae Robertson, 27, first met Andy Pinder, 49, after being invited around to dinner by Mr Pinder’s son. 

Having met Mr Pinder, Ms Robertson soon realised that she was having a relationship with the wrong man. 

Jamie-Rae Robertson, left, first met Andy Pinder when she was first going out with his son

Ms Robertson first met Mr Pinder’s son when she went to see him for a tattoo in 2013

However, soon after meeting Mr Pinder, left, she realised she prefered him and not his son

According to The Sunday Mirror, Ms Robertson said: ‘I just knew right then he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.’ 

Mr Pinder admitted the feeling was mutual. He claimed: ‘When our eyes met it lasted a few moments, but it seemed like forever. It felt like I was looking into her soul.’ 

Ms Robertson said soon after meeting Mr Pinder she had to dump his son as she was only going out with him because she enjoyed Sunday lunches with his father so much. 

Now four years later, Mr Pinder’s son, who does not wish to be named, has given the unlikely couple his blessing to get married.

After splitting with Mr Pinder’s son, Ms Robertson befriended Mr Pinder on Facebook and was looking at ways to seduce him, however, Mr Pinder tried to keep things platonic.

Mr Pinder, pictured with his step-daughter Maisie, left and the couple’s daughter Maddy, right, said he was worried when he had to tell his son that he was in a relationship with his ex

The happy couple, pictured, are now looking forward to their wedding in July 

Shortly after splitting up, Ms Robertson fell pregnant to another ex-boyfriend and gave birth to her daughter, Maisie, three in May 2015. 

However, she remained in contact with Mr Pinder who had also split from his then partner and the pair finally admitted their mutual feelings. 

The couple were initially concerned how their respective families would receive their news. 

Mr Pinder said he was worried how his son would react but revealed he considered Ms Robertson as being firmly in his past. 

Since starting their relationship, the couple had their daughter Maddy in November 2016. Both Maddy and Maisie will be bridesmaids for their upcoming wedding in July. 

Ms Rovertson added: ‘If I hadn’t met Andy’s son I wouldn’t have met Andy. I’ll always be grateful to his son for for bringing him into my life. I just hope people don’t judge us over what happened, because we are meant to be.’


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