Wild sex parties are driving this upscale community crazy

And you thought your neighbors were annoying.

Residents of an upscale community in Colorado are angry a nearby home is being used as a venue for wild sex parties for swingers.

Angry dwellers of Castle Rock have complained about “disturbing sounds” coming from the home as well as parking issues and drunken revelers during the events, local station Fox 31 reported.

“Some of them are so old that they struggled walking up the stairs,” one woman from the affluent municipality south of Denver said.

Neighbors said invitations to “Thunderstorm Play Palace” advertise a 7,500-square-foot home for swinger parties with alcohol, food and a chocolate fountain. The fliers also suggest attendees of the invite-only party bring their own condoms and show respect to “the new furniture.”

An online invitation for the event showed 400 guests invited with 87 people, including 35 couples, planning to attend. Admission is a donation of $70 for couples and single men and $20 for solo women, according to the invite.

While neighbors have expressed concern about the noise, most are worried about exposing their children to the sexual nature of the party.

“You can hear people doing what they’re doing,” one neighbor said.

The host of the sex parties is a married father and told Fox 31 he has received “significant harassment” from neighbors for hosting the events and said a guest’s car was vandalized.

However, the Castle Rock Police Department said the host is not breaking any laws since the events are being held in the privacy of his home and admission is by donation only.

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