Wild moment baseball fan almost drops his child but saves his beer while catching a foul ball one-handed

A BASEBALL fan almost dropped his baby in exchange for a baseball headed to his part of the bleachers — and ended up catching both.

Wild footage shows a new dad at an Arizona Diamondbacks game Sunday in Phoenix holding his young child in one hand and a beer in the other.

When a foul ball flies off the diamond and towards his area of the crowd, he knows exactly what his priorities arethe coveted ball.

The agile father reaches into the air and grabs the baseball in his left hand as his baby starts to slip.

In a stunning display of multitasking, he catches the baby midfall, and manages not spill his beer.

The triumphant baseball fan, clutching his child and the ball, holds his cup in the air.

Pulling off a juggling trick with a baby, a baseball, and a beer? That's worthy of a toast.

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