Wife rips off part of husband’s penis after grabbing and ‘pulling very hand’

A woman in France has been arrested and charged after allegedly ripping off part of her husband’s penis during a row.

The 36-year-old unnamed woman allegedly pulled the appendage “very hard” during an intense spat with her 45-year-old partner in the village of Portet-sur-Garrone, near Toulouse.

The man was taken to Rangueil hospital shortly after midnight on Monday, July 10, after the “skin of his penis” was “partly torn off” during the fight.

French newspaper La Depeche has reported the attack as so severe it left the man bleeding with “large parts of the skin of his penis and his foreskin” coming off his body.

The couple were reportedly arguing over the husband’s alleged infidelity at a party the night before when the argument turned violent.


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According to French media, the angry wife allegedly also “tore a piece off” from her husband’s ear.

The woman was arrested by police following the fight, while her husband was treated in hospital and later arrested.

Ambulance crews arrived at the scene in southern France where they found the victim conscious but in “terrible pain”, according to reports.

It is unclear at this stage whether the woman used a weapon to attack her husband at some point during the altercation.

Prosecutors said an investigation is underway and the victim has been examined by a doctor.

They confirmed he is “suffering” but his life is not in any danger, according to Cnews.

The woman has been charged with aggravated assault, while he is also facing charges for assaulting his wife.

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