Wife and lover jailed for murder of rich husband who wouldn’t grant her divorce

A millionaire farmer’s estranged wife and her lover have been sentenced to life behind bars for his murder.

Paul Taylor, 69, was killed by Angela Taylor and her lover Paul Cannon in 2018.

He had been dead for eight months before being found on a muddy bank on the River Hiz by a passing fisherman.

Mr Taylor’s Land Rover had also been set on fire several days before he was reported missing by his lodger in June 2018.

The couple shared a “venomous hatred” for Mr Taylor as he would not grant his wife the divorce she wanted, which drove them to kill him.

Jurors heard about a possible fracture to the hyoid bone in the neck, although there was no evidence of physical trauma or stab wounds.

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Judge Kay Williams said only the pair could ever know what happened, but that Mr Taylor was probably “attacked in his farmyard and killed there by means of strangulation or suffocation.”

He added that although it was clear his wife had no physical part in the killing, she had pushed Cannon to do it.

Judge Kay told the court that Mr and Mrs Taylor and his son Richard, from his first marriage, collectively and individually owned properties worth millions of pounds.

He added: “However a toxic combination of jealousy, hatred and greed rendered all of them unhappy.

“Angela Taylor and Richard Taylor despised each other. Both of them were suspicious of each other’s intentions and roles in the life of William Taylor.

“In particular, he loved Angela to the end, despite whatever she did to him and however much she did not deserve that love.”

The pair were sentenced to each serve a minimum of 22 years.

Detective Chief Inspector Carl Foster said he hoped the pair’s time locked up is “spent reflecting on their evil actions.”

“My thoughts remain with Bill’s family, who have acted with dignity throughout the investigation and trial.

“While nothing will end their pain, I hope this sentence gives them peace of mind, knowing that Bill’s murderers are facing justice in prison.”

Taylor and Cannon were also convicted of arson and sentenced to an additional two years.

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