Who was Anastasia Yalanskaya?

TRIBUTES have been paid to a young Ukrainian volunteer who was tragically killed as she delivered food to a local dog shelter outside of Kyiv.

Anastasiia Yalanskaya was one of three volunteers who died as she made the treacherous journey to the shelter in Bucha – roughly 18 miles from the Ukrainian capital.

Who was Anastasiia Yalanskaya?

The 26-year-old animal lover had been at the heart of Russian warfare and had regularly documented her brave humanitarian efforts on the front line via social media.

In the days prior to her death, the Ukrainian had visited a kindergarten class in Brovary, where she reported that roughly 40 children had been left without food and amenities such as diapers and napkins.

And on March 3, she was filmed her sitting in the back of the vehicle surrounded by swathes of dog food as she delivered supplies to a shelter which had reportedly gone without food for three days.

Only days earlier, Yalanskaya had detailed the gruesome realities of war claiming on her Telegram that her and her colleagues had been “chained to the news all day long.”

On February 27, she informed her followers that she was “spending the night in the car in the underground parking” to avoid bombs that were going off in the area.

With hope that peace could soon be restored she said: “They will agree anyway. Sooner or later. Please let it be early, not late.”

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What happened to Anastasiia Yalanskaya?

Volunteers had almost returned to safety when her car was deliberately targeted with “heavy weaponry” by Russian troops on Thursday, her family claimed.

The vehicle was found not far from her home, covered in bullets as a volunteer confirmed the tragic news to her loved one.  

“I asked her to be extra cautious, Anastasiia’s estranged husband Yevhen Yalanskyi said in the aftermath of the Cincinnati.

“A mistake costs extremely much, but she was helping everyone around. I asked her to think of evacuation but she did not listen.”

Anastasiia’s body was taken to a nearby morgue in Bucha, but because of fighting in the area no one can get there, a friend told Global News.

Husband Yevhen added: “‘Not being able to help her last journey is very painful for me.

“She was one of the best human beings I knew. She was committed to help, to help her friends and relatives and whoever needed help.

“She loved animals. We had a dog and a cat. She was the best partner I ever had.”

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