What to Cook This Week

Good morning. It may be frozen margs and buckets of Corona down at Pedro O’Hara’s, everyone eating taquitos and listening to Christian Nodal sing “Nada Nuevo,” but the history of Cinco de Mayo is more ceremonial in Mexico, where it recognizes a decisive victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It’s not about nachos.

Still, it could be fun to make pork-braised butter beans with eggs today, or pork chops in pipian, or chiles rellenos (above) and call it a day. (You don’t like that? Natalia Lafourcade knows the score: It's never enough! Try out our infamous recipe for guacamole with peas, why don’t you?)

For others, there’s a lot of planning in the works today. Ramadan gets underway for a huge population of the world tonight — a month of fasting, a pillar of Islam, dawn to dusk. Here are some recipes for suhoor in the morning, to start your day right. And here are plenty recipes for iftar and more, for the evening meal.

Not fasting? On Monday, there are plenty who won’t cook with meat, and for them I’m thinking it might be nice to make this baked orzo with artichokes and peas, a Greek-inspired pastitsio.

Tuesday, you could head toward Yotamville, and make Mr. Ottolenghi’s pan-fried halibut with spiced chickpea and herb salad. (The recipe’s topnote contains one of the great sentences on our site and apps: “The Persian lime powder is optional.”) Alternatively, make sloppy Joes.

Then when Wednesday comes around, you can start the day making rice, so you can end it making Spam musubi for dinner. (No, you won’t cook Spam? Fine. Make my tuna poke instead.)

Midnight pasta with garlic, anchovy, capers and red pepper on Thursday night? That’s a fast-cooker, a people-pleaser, a hell of a meal.

And to round out the week, family all around you? Butter chicken! Extra mango chutney on the side, please, and plenty of naan.

There are thousands and thousands more recipes to cook this week available to you on NYT Cooking. (Here’s how to buy a subscription if you haven’t already.) Go browse around over there and see what gets you hungry, what you want to cook.

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Now, won’t you please meet my colleague Kiera Wright-Ruiz, our contestant in a home cook vs. food stylist challenge? She made pasta primavera with asparagus and peas.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an episode during which food is consumed, much less talked about, but my current streaming space-out obsession is “Spiral,” the French cop thriller that you can find on Amazon and Hulu.

See what you think of Colm Toibin on Tintoretto in The New York Review of Books. In an alternate universe, I might have liked to write about art.

I am in favor of chore coats.

Finally, this is the British punk band Petrol Girls, “Big Mouth.” Caryn Ganz told me about them. Please play it loud. I’ll be back on Monday!

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