Web retail giant Amazon to create 2,500 UK jobs in mass recruitment drive

Amazon has announced plans to create 2,500 UK jobs this year.

The cyber superstore wants software developers, technicians, warehouse staff and others to take its workforce here to 27,500.

Chancellor Philip Hammond welcomed what he called the new “high-quality jobs”.

But the GMB union branded the move a “Trojan horse rather than gift horse” after criticism of working conditions.

They include recent claims that ambulances have been called to Amazon warehouses 600 times in three years.

The GMB’s Mick Rix said: “Bosses making billions on the back of low pay, overstretched staff and insecure work in the gig economy is not the sort of opportunity we should be applauding.”

Amazon’s Doug Gurr said he was “proud” of the firm’s working conditions.

He added: “We are very transparent. We run public tours of our fulfilment centres.”

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