WATCH moment Russian tank obliterated in Kharkiv as drone strike detonates ammo onboard

Ukraine: Russian tank destroyed by missile near Izyum

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The drone footage comes from a Ukrainian military force called the 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

The footage was captured by the army near Isium, Kharkiv Oblast.

The war in Ukraine continues to rage with ongoing bombardment from Russian forces, despite the West imposing tough financial sanctions on President Putin.

The tank was packed full of ammunition, meaning the fallout caused more damage to Russian forces than expected.

The grainy black and white drone footage shows a bomb falling on the tank, creating a gigantic fireball.

The Drone picked up on what appeared to be two Russian servicemen running away from the exploded tank.

The two men continue to run for their lives as Ukrainian forces drop another bomb.

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@K_Tyrcha said: “My take on the fate of those two guys seen running away. By the size of explosion, I now start thinking that even the one that ran away to the top may not survive it, if unlucky.”

@Jacobseliga said: “I don’t understand how it can penetrate tank with free fall.”

@Kosinski_music said: “Seems like a waste of bombs, first one hit at a right place to incapacitate to main cannon which would be enough to incapacitate the whole tank (ok maybe the machine guns are still operable but there is no one left to manœuvre..)”

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@Samstrades said: “Tank was moving, Lord have mercy on the Z person who was inside, nothing would’ve been left of him given massive explosion of ammo.” 

Military intelligence experts have been warning that if Putin loses the war, the people of Russia could turn on him.

This could be fueling Putin’s ongoing need to continue the war in Ukraine, despite losing more than 20,000 soldiers since the start.

Bill Burns, US Central Intelligence Agency Director, explained why Putin may not admit defeat despite major Russian losses. Speaking to an audience at an event organised by the Financial Times in Washington, Mr Burns said: “He’s in a frame of mind in which he doesn’t believe he can afford to lose.

“I think he’s convinced right now that doubling down still will enable him to make progress.”

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