Warning as pet dog dies after swallowing fish hook on beach during holiday

A family has been left devastated after their pet dog died on holiday after swallowing a fishing hook on the beach.

Helen and Richard Tatner had been enjoying a break in Cornwall with their kids and Norfolk terrier Mabel.

During a visit to a small cove at Penlee Point on the Rame Peninsula on July 19, Mabel swallowed a fish hook hidden amongst rope on the shore.

Helen, 58, spotted the fishing line hanging out of Mabel's mouth and tried to remove it before realising the baited hook had already gone down the terrier's throat.

Mabel was transferred to Langford Small Animal Hospital in Bristol where she underwent an operation on July 20 to have the hook removed from between her ribs.

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Sadly, seven-year-old Mabel died after the 2.5in (6.3cm) hook ruptured her pulmonary artery and the Tatner family have been left heartbroken at the loss.

Cardiac physiologist Helen, who lives in Winchester, Hampshire, said: "We've all just been beside ourselves since it happened, we can't believe it.

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"She was attracted to a nice piece of bait on the end of a fishing hook with barbs.

"I saw the fishing line hanging out of her mouth and pulled it.

"She gave a little yelp and I realised she had swallowed the hook and the horrendousness of the situation.

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"They did everything they could to save her but they couldn't bring the hook out because of the way it was embedded and the barbs on the side would cause too much damage.

"Her pulmonary artery ruptured and she started bleeding. They tried a transfusion but could not save her.

Helen's message to other beachgoers is to "beware and have a look on the beach and pick up anything sharp and take it home.

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"Please, please do not leave sharp objects that can cause detrimental damage to pets or children that don't have the capacity to know what's right and wrong.

"It is heartbreaking to think just a week ago we were going on holiday and now our little girl is gone. We have been broken by this but we'll get there, I just don't want any other family to go through this pain."

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