Vaccine-sceptic bride-to-be killed by Covid to have funeral at her wedding venue

A surgical technician who avoided the Covid vaccine because she feared it would cause infertility died of coronavirus shortly before she was set to get married.

Samantha Wendell, 29, will now have her funeral in the church she was to be married in – and where he parents married decades ago.

She had no pre-existing conditions.

The Kentucky bride-to-be wanted to have three or four children and was discouraged by fears about the vaccine affecting her reproductive capacity.

Scientists say there are absolutely no links between infertility and any approved coronavirus vaccine.

The American CDC has advised concerned mums-to-be that the vaccines are perfectly safe for them.

They write: "[Vaccines are safe for] people who are trying to get pregnant now or might become pregnant in the future, as well as their partners."

Tragically, Samantha spent her August 21 wedding day on a ventilator and died just over a fortnight later.

Her cousin Maria Vibandor told NBC News: "Misinformation killed her.

"If we can save more lives and families' lives, then this is the gift that she left for us to deliver."

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Wendell eventually decided to get vaccinated, booking her appointment for late July.

But it was too late.

Just days before her appointment, Samantha returned from her bachelorette party to coughing and a shortness of breath.

Wendell and her partner Austin Eskew then tested positive for COVID-19.

She was put on a ventilator on August 16, just five days before their wedding day.

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Samantha's mum said she even asked to be vaccinated before being put on the ventilator.

Jeaneen Wendell told NBC: "It wasn't going to do any good at that point, obviously

"It just weighs heavy on my heart that this could have easily been avoided."

Austin added: "She had so much influence in everything that I do.

"We didn't really ever do anything without the other in mind."

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