US inauguration: Donald Trump’s adult children plan next moves after leaving White House

For the past four years, Donald Trump was the most powerful person on the planet – and he took his adult children along for the ride.

With their father at the helm of the world’s largest economy, the status and influence of Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric rose to unprecedented levels, with the siblings permanent fixtures in the White House and on the campaign trail.

But that came to an abrupt end today, when Democrat rival Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US President, ending the Trump clan’s stranglehold.

It was a result the billionaire family apparently did not see coming despite endless polls indicating Biden would win in a landslide. The Trumps were brashly confident of securing “four more years” until the very last moment.

Now, the trio have not only been left high and dry careerwise, but they have also had their reputations torn to shreds in the wake of Trump’s divisive presidency, which ended in bloodshed at the deadly Washington DC siege on January 6.

The riots, which left five dead, have also left the Trump children virtual outcasts; many condemn them as “complicit” in their father’s acts.

But now the Trumps have finally been prised from the White House, what’s next for the trio – and can they hope to ever pull off the enormous image rehabilitation task facing them?


The 39-year-old had served as Donald Trump’s adviser since 2017 along with her husband Jared Kushner. After travelling the world representing America at important global events and with a number of high-profile business ventures under her belt, Ivanka Trump’s status as an elite power player seemed secure.

In recent months, speculation has been mounting that Ivanka was laying the groundwork for a political career of her own; many were convinced she ultimately has her eyes on the Oval Office.

While the rest of her family doubled down on their baseless election fraud claims, Ivanka was noticeably silent, instead spruiking the Trump administration’s achievements on social media which was widely interpreted as an act of damage control to protect her future career aspirations.

But one of the biggest clues of Ivanka’s next move emerged in December, when she snapped up a US$30 million lot on a high-security island known as the “Billionaire’s Bunker”.

Rumours have been swirling for some time that Ivanka planned to kick off her political career via a run for Florida governor.

Florida’s current Republican governor Ron DeSantis – one of the ex-president’s staunchest allies – ends his current term on January 3, 2023, and there is also a suggestion she might alternatively run against senior Florida senator Marco Rubio when he is up for re-election in 2022.

The property purchase was seen by many as proof of Ivanka’s political ambitions; a source told CNN the move to Florida was politically motivated.

“Ivanka definitely has political ambitions, no question about it,” the source said.

“She wants to run for something, but that still needs to be figured out.”

Donald Jr

Like all the Trump children, Donald Jr was involved in the family business, and when his father and sister moved to Washington, he and Eric stayed behind to run the Trump Organisation.

The 43-year-old took on the role of executive vice-president – but during his father’s presidency, his interest in the company and the business world in general seemed to dwindle, and he gave up many of the duties associated with the title.

Instead, he increasingly embraced politics, and by the time the re-election campaign kicked off, he was front and centre.

Don Jr became a crucial fundraiser, standing in for his father at countless events, publicly echoing his views and slogans and building up an 11 million-strong social media following.

Political commentators are certain his actions – including showing up at the “right” conservative rallies – show the father-of-five is also harbouring political ambitions.

In fact, he has been suggested as a potential candidate for an open US Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2022 and he has apparently hinted at a 2024 presidential run.


Out of the three, Eric Trump seems the least interested in running for office – although he also dropped a subtle hint by liking a tweet last October reading “Eric Trump 2024”.

While the 37-year-old has also been a fixture during his father’s failed campaign, he seems more likely to remain in the business realm.

He also served as an executive vice president at the Trump Organisation alongside his brother, but was far more actively involved throughout the administration.


Unlike her older half-siblings, Tiffany Trump has never expressed a serious interest in politics.

Instead, the 27-year-old, whose mother Marla Maples was Donald Trump’s second wife, has long seemed set on a legal career after graduating from law school at Georgetown University last year.

Tiffany, who announced her engagement to boyfriend Michael Boulos this week, also previously studied sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and enjoyed a very brief pop career in her final year of school in 2011.

However, Tiffany has previously hinted she may end up joining the family business after all, despite her law degree, telling reporter George Stephanopoulos in 2016 she was “interested” in bringing “a different kind [of] skill set to the company”.

While the elder Trump children were ever-present in their father’s presidential campaigns and administration, Tiffany was often either notably absent, or seen awkwardly removed from the rest of the family at events.

In fact, she has been so absent for so many years she has long been referred to as “the forgotten Trump” in the media.


At just 14, Barron Trump – Donald’s fifth child, with third wife Melania – has not spoken publicly about his future goals.

However, there seems to be some support for him among diehard Trump fans, with “Barron 2052” badges spotted during a Trump rally in November.

And during today’s inauguration ceremony, one political commentator on Sky News surprisingly picked Barron as the most likely Trump child to ascend to the presidency.

Impossible task

While the Trump children may have plenty of ambitions of their own, perhaps the biggest question is not what they plan to do, but whether they will be able to repair their damaged reputations to an extent that will allow them to remain public figures.

It will be an uphill battle, and as prominent White House advisers, Ivanka and Jared Kushner have so far borne the brunt of the criticism and anger.

This week, conservative commentator Meghan McCain – the daughter of late Republican presidential hopeful John McCain – urged Americans to remember the role the Trump children played in Trump’s controversial leadership.

“His family needs to be held accountable for this too,” she said on The View.

“Don’t let Ivanka and Jared off just because they are not saying anything right now.

“Do not let these people off the hook.”

In fact, Ivanka has had a string of high-profile former friends turns their backs on her as a result of her involvement in the administration. A slew of insiders have also spoken to US media outlets recently, claiming she is now an outcast.

“In an odd way, [Ivanka and Jared] will even have a harder time than Trump himself in New York,” brand management mogul Donny Deutsch told The New York Times.

One of “Javanka’s” former friends told Vanity Fair in a separate piece: “Everyone with self-respect, a career, morals, respect for democracy, or who doesn’t want their friends to shame them in private and public will steer clear.”

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