Ukraine LIVE: Putin’s army advance crumbles as forces mistakenly wipe out Odesa toilet

Ukraine: Reporters shown 'graveyard' of Russian combat vehicles

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Russian forces are thought to be looking to conquer the city of Severedonetsk, in the Luhansk region of the Donbas. But they have tripped on another hurdle as their advance across the Siverskyi Donets river was reportedly beaten back by Ukrainian forces.

This is the second time the Russians have failed in their plans for Severodonetsk, after Ukrainian fighters killed over 400 soldiers and decimated the Russian armoured vehicle fleet near Belogorivka earlier this month.

But as Russia tried again, Ukraine’s 30th Mechanised Brigade said the fighters had “defeated” the Russian forces at the crossing.

This comes as missile strikes on Ukraine’s third-largest city, Odesa, failed to destroy the targets the Russian leader hoped for.

The Russian navy has had the city under a blockade, directing its artillery at Odesa, which it sees as a key strategic point.

But Russian military officials appear to have misinterpreted their targets, and launched an attack on a beach toilet, rather than significant city infrastructure.

Ukraine’s southern operational command said in a statement: “Another missile strike with the use of aircraft was inflicted on the Odesa region.

“With air-based missiles, the enemy significantly ‘damaged the air’ in the southern Odesa region.

“The beach toilet was destroyed. Apart from the hopelessly lost conscience and reputation of the aggressor, there were no other losses.”

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