UK weather forecast: Temperatures to plummet below freezing as widespread frost hits UK

Despite a frost-free night in the south clear skies further north mean that it will be a widespread frost throughout North Wales. Into northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland temperatures in rural spots are dipping below freezing. There will be temperatures as low as -5 or -6 degrees in Scottish Highland Glens.

With some freezing fog patches across other parts of Scotland.

The weather will lift during Wednesday but it will take some time for those temperatures to recover.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “By lunchtime temperatures will rise and there will be blue skies predominately for Scotland, Northern Ireland and much of England.

“Meanwhile across south Wales and the southwest, the rain is edging its way slowly but surely northwards.

“So it’s turning increasingly damp across mid and south Wales and central southern England.

“That rain will perhaps reach the outskirts of London by midnight on Wednesday night.”

Cloud thickening means that the frost is increasingly confined to the northern half of Britain and by the start of Thursday it will be milder elsewhere.

In fact there will be double figures for Thursday morning in the far southwest with a freshening breeze across the country on Thursday as this high pressure is squeezed away.

Widespread low cloud and a mustiness across Northern Ireland into Wales and southern parts of England.

There will be outbreaks of rain, nothing particularly heavy or prolonged generally dull and drizziy.

Meanwhile on Thursday it stays bright after a frosty start from Scotland and eastern England.

It stays largely dry for Halloween with clear spells so that contrast in our weather will continue over the next few days. 

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The UK will turn quite a bit wetter by the end of the working week. 

Next weekend will experience unsettled wet and windy weather in all parts of the UK. 

The first part of November will have bouts of wind and rain moving in from the west across most reigions. 

The Met Office will be updating its forecasts throughout the day.

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