Uber parties for IPO were so wild an employee had to resign

Hopefully Uber drivers on duty skipped these alcohol-fueled company parties.

In-house bashes on the day the company went public reportedly got so out-of-hand that one was shut down and another employee was forced to resign after a drunken outburst, according to a new report.

Workers celebrated with company-provided booze at Uber offices on May 10, as CEO Dara Khosrowshahi rang the opening bell at the New York Stock exchange, the Washington Post reported, citing employees who said the parties made them “uncomfortable and seemed immature.”

The parties were reminiscent of Uber’s “bro culture” Khosrowshahi had promised to help stop.

“Old Uber hid themselves until today apparently,” one anonymous employee told the paper.

Uber has been dogged by allegations of sexual harassment, wage complaints from drivers and a rowdy, inappropriate workplace culture. The U.S. attorney general investigated the accusations, and issued new employee guidelines that suggested limiting alcohol in the workplace.

Company warnings to “keep it classy” during the recent IPO celebrations were apparently ignored in some cases. At Uber’s San Francisco headquarters, the company-provided champagne began flowing in the morning and continued through the afternoon, the Washington Post reported. Workers headed to the bars before returning to a beer and wine “happy hour” around 2 p.m.

Employees also cracked open bottles of tequila and whiskey branded with the old Uber logo. The bottles had been created during former CEO Travis Kalanick’s time at the company. He was pushed out in 2017 amid the unsavory accusations.

The partying continued well into the night and in one case, a worker’s car keys had to be taken away, according to an anonymous employee cited by the Washington Post.

Uber admitted it “took action” against some employees who did not “celebrate … responsibly,” the paper reported.

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