Two men, aged 18, arrested over 'helping ticketless hoards storm Wembley on Euro 2020 final'

TWO men have been arrested for helping ticketless hoards storm Wembley Stadium at the Euro 2020 final, the Met Police have said.

The suspects, aged 18, are suspected of taking undisclosed items and sharing them with others to allow them into the stadium.

Investigators have refused to comment on the alleged stolen objects.

The pair, from Ilford and Newham, have now been released under police investigation for theft while inquiries continue.

The Met has pledged to investigate offences by fans in the build-up to the game which resulted in a breach of security at Wembley.

Crowds of people were filmed streaming up Wembley's outer stairwells ahead of the match, which saw England defeated 3-2 in an agonising penalty shootout.

Some stadium staff claimed “hundreds” of supporters were involved in knocking down or climbing over perimeter fencing at about 5.30pm.

SunSport witnessed dozens of fans, including children, sprinting across the concourse at the lowest level of the stadium at the top of Wembley Way.

Police officers were called in to help find and eject the invaders.

Security were seen "rugby tackling people to the ground", one person inside the stadium said.

By half-time, the situation had calmed down but at one point around 300 people were trying to get through, they added.

Some of the people inside Wembley said there had been fans standing on the concourse for the entire first half, watching the match.

The Met said there had been 45 arrests by officers on the night of the game.

UEFA charged the FA over four separate incidents which took place during the final.

Disciplinary proceedings have been opened over a pitch invasion, throwing of objects by fans, booing the Italian national anthem and the stadium break-in.

During the game itself, a section of England fans loudly booed the Italian national anthem despite pre-match cries to be respectful.

Objects were also thrown by some home supporters, while a pitch invader – Little Mix singer Adam Harison – stormed onto the field of play late in the game and gave stewards a long chase.

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