‘Two dead’ after planes crash in mid-air fireball over farm

A plane crash is understood to have cost two men their lives after a pair of planes collided in Australia.

The smash is understood to have taken place over a farm in Queensland, with shocked bystanders reporting to have seen debris falling from the sky.

It is understood that the collision was between a glider and the plane that it was dragging along.

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The horror events are understood to have taken place in Kybong, which then saw the crafts plunge to the earth.

Police said that the crash took place at 2:50pm local time – 4:50am in the UK.

As debris fell to the ground, a witness said they heard a “big bang”, the7Newsreports.

Speaking to the publication they said: "We thought that didn’t sound like a gunshot, and we looked up and saw white bits of plane falling out of the sky.

“It was already broken up. I didn’t see much of the second plane.”

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Brad Inskip, tasked with inspecting the case, said: "The evidence is pointing towards the fact that each aircraft likely had a single male occupant and both males are deceased.

"We will be looking into the possibility that there was a collision mid-air, but it’s very early days and we’re really not sure."

The news comes just days after 19 people were killed when a commercial plane crashed in Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest lake.

The prime minister of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa, said: “We’re starting to pull out the luggage and personal items from the aircraft. A team of doctors and security agencies have started the process of identifying the dead and notifying the families”.

The flight, operated by Precision Air, saw just 24 of the people on board be rescued from the crash.

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