Twisted psycho ‘marched to nursery school and shot ex 3 times in front of kids’

A man allegedly stormed to a kindergarten and shot his teacher ex-girlfriend three times.

The shooting occurred yesterday (March 1) at a nursery school in Nong Bua Lamphu province, Thailand.

The woman, known as Wanpen, was shot twice in the chest and once in the stomach.

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The north-eastern province is the same one where on October 6, 2022, a lone gunman walked into a school and opened fire, stabbing and shooting 37 people to death – 24 of whom were nursery school children taking a nap.

When emergency services reached Wanpen she was still able to talk and told them the assailant was her former partner.

Believed to be in her late twenties, Wanpen managed to tell rescuers the man was her ex-boyfriend and that they had recently broken up before she was rushed to Udon Thani Hospital.

A witness, a man brought in to do contract work as part of renovations to the school, said he heard gunshots and rushed to find out what had happened.

He said he found Wanpen laying by the front door of the school. Her current condition remains unknown.

Police say they know who the attacker is and are optimistic they will locate him soon despite him having fled on foot following the attack.

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Scarring from shooting in the province, and in wider Thailand, remains prevalent following the killings last year.

The sick incident, dubbed Thailand’s worst massacre, led to major questions being asked about gun control and cheap drugs.

The Guardian reports that Thailand has the highest gun ownership levels of any country in South East Asia.

The shooting, carried out by a former police officer, also raised questions about the authorities and mental health provision in the country.

The attacker, called Panya Khamrab, had recently been fired from the police force after he had been discovered using methamphetamines – although he had been clean in the 72 hours before he went on the murderous rampage.

After the killing, he went home and killed his girlfriend and her son, before turning the gun on himself.

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