Twenty-three drivers in a row hit with £50 fines in Birmingham

How did they miss THAT? Twenty-three drivers are fined £50 each for parking in coach area marked out with giant white letters

  • The motorists missed signs saying ‘coaches only’ at the Birmingham car park
  • Parking attendants spent an hour handing out £50 tickets at Cannon Hill Park
  • The fines handed out to 23 drivers over the Bank Holiday add up to £1,150

Twenty-three drivers in a row have been fined during the Bank Holiday weekend for parking in a coach area. 

The motorists left their cars in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, to enjoy the warm weather but were hit by a £50 fine for filling up the coach spaces.

Signs indicate that the tickets cost £2 for four hours of parking, but many drivers missed prominent signs saying ‘coaches only’.

Three parking attendants took an hour to dole out the tickets, charging fines which add up to a total £1,150.

A ticket officer inspects a vehicle at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham where 23 drivers were hit with £50 fines for parking in an area reserved for vehicles

One of the cars is pictured with a ticket on its front window at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham

A Civil Enforcement Officer places a ticket on a car in the coaches-only area of the car park

One driver said: ‘I’ve just come back to find I’ve been stuck with this ridiculous fine – I didn’t realise it was a coach park – it had pay and display signs like the rest of the area.

‘There aren’t any obvious coach parking bays and it’s such a busy day, what do they expect people to do?

‘It’s really put a downer on the start of our bank holiday – It says pay and display in the parking area – I thought it was just a normal part of the car park.

‘It’s such a shame – people are just out and about enjoying the sun and then they get stuck with a fine. It’d ruin anyone’s day.’

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said: ‘Anyone who feels they’ve been fined unfairly can appeal the fine.’ 

One of the ‘penalty charge notices’ placed on the front window of a car at Cannon Hill Park

Motorists missed the sign saying ‘coaches only’ and were hit with £50 parking fines

Three attendants took an hour to dole out the tickets, charging fines which add up to £1,150

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