Trump: We’ll have enough coronavirus vaccines for ‘every American’ by April

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday said development of a US coronavirus vaccine was in the “final stage,” declaring, “We essentially have it” and telling reporters he expected to have doses available for “every American” by April.

“Since January, America’s brilliant doctors and scientists have been working around the clock. These are the best medical minds in the world by far and the vaccines are going through the gold standard of clinical trials,” Trump told reporters in the White House briefing room.

“Three vaccines are already in the final stage,” he went on before criticizing his election rival Joe Biden for his recent remarks suggesting that Trump was leaning on the nation’s infectious disease experts to rush through a vaccine to hand him a win at the November election.

“Joe Biden’s anti-vaccine theories are putting a lot of lives at risk and they’re only doing it for political reasons,” Trump said. “It’s very foolish as part of their war to try and discredit the vaccine now that they know that we essentially have it, we will be announcing it fairly soon.”

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will likely know by the end of October if its coronavirus vaccine is effective, CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday.

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