Trump tells 11-year-old he never let his kids do drugs, smoke or drink

‘No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes:’ Donald Trump reveals most important advice he told his kids during chat with 11 year-old scrap metal heiress aboard her multimillionaire felon dad’s private jet – and youngster is interviewing Michelle Obama next

  • Clover Weitsman, the 11-year-old daughter of scrap metal mogul Adam Weitsman, interviewed former President Donald Trump on April 30
  • In a clip of the interview, she asked the former president what advice he would give to her father on raising her and her sisters
  • The former president replied that he taught his five children ‘from the day that they were old enough to speak’ not to do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke
  • The interview was conducted as part of Clover’s homeschooling project to learn about all sides of the political spectrum 
  • Weitsman was jailed for check fraud in 1998, but is now a noted philanthropist famed for his generous gestures 

Former President Donald Trump faced a different kind of interview in a recently-released video – discussing his parenting advice with an 11-year-old scrap metal heiress aboard her multimillionaire father’s private jet.

Clover Weitsman, the daughter of scrap metal mogul Adam Weitsman, interviewed the former president on April 30 as part of a home-schooling project to learn about the different sides of the political spectrum.

In a clip of the interview, posted on her dad’s Instagram on August 14, she asked Trump what advice he would give her father ‘on raising my sisters and I?’

‘Ok, are you ready,’ the former president asked the young girl. ‘This is good.’

‘I have five children. From the day that they were old enough to speak, I said no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes,’ he said. ‘And I told them all the time.’

He added that he thought her father is ‘very strong and smart, and he makes good money.’

Trump is the father of Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump and Baron Trump. His older brother, Fred, died at 42 years old of alcoholism.

Former President Donald Trump, right, was interviewed by 11-year-old Clover Weitsman on April 30, when he told her never to drink or do drugs

The recent interview was conducted on board Adam Weitsman’s private Gulfstream jet in April, in an effort to get Clover to understand all sides of the political spectrum. 

Weitsman shared the clip on his Instagram page Saturday.  

She is set to interview Former First Lady Michelle Obama next, Weitsman says. 

Following the interview with the former president, the first one she conducted for her home-schooling project, Adam posted: ‘Most people know I don’t follow politicians much, and I never comment when other people share their political opinions.

‘But I do want my daughter, Clover, to know what’s going on in the world and to pay attention to decisions that are made and the people who make them.

‘As part of her homeschooling, she’s interviewing various leaders of both parties to find out what’s really going on in the world – and she’s starting at the highest level of government.

‘I’m grateful that former President Donald Trump agreed to meet with Clover today and answer pressing questions that are on the minds of many people in her age group.

‘This is not about politics, but about understanding all viewpoints.

 ‘I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her daughter for her questions and composure talking with a world leader,’ he added. 

And after posting a short clip of the video to his personal Instagram page on Saturday, Adam once again thanked the former president for taking time to talk to Clover, saying he ‘could not have been more respectful and kind to my kid.’ 

The interview was conducted in Adam Weitsman’s effort to get his daughter to learn about all the sides of the political spectrum, he explained on Facebook and Instagram

Adam Weitsman, 53, owns Upstate Shredding, a $1 billion scrap metal empire with a dozen locations throughout New York. It is the largest privately-held scrap metal processor on the East Coast.

He studied art history at Long Island University and worked at a slew of Manhattan art galleries before becoming the vice president of his father’s scrap metal company – then called Ben Weitsman and Son – in 1995.

Soon after, though, Adam started getting into trouble.

Beginning in 1998, when he was just 29, he started check-kiting – a form of fraud that takes advantage of the timing of a bank’s float period for profit and to cover overdrawn accounts. 

 ‘I was just young and stupid,’ Weitsman told the Albany Times-Union, saying it was a desperate attempt to keep the scrap metal business afloat after he made big investments in equipment that did not immediately pay off.

‘I was guilty,’ he said. ‘I did my time. I learned there are no shortcuts in life, there is no gray area, and you have to be legitimate and up front and honest.’

He pleaded guilty to 86 felony counts of bank fraud in 2003 and was sentenced a year later to a year and a day in federal prison, with a $1 million fine.

Weitsman served eight months, the Times-Union reports, then began digging himself out of his financial hole and building up his scrap metal empire.

The tycoon won a defamation in 2018 case after he was falsely accused of feeding the body of a missing woman into a metal shredder on September 11, 2001.    

So in June 2019, Weitsman said he hired a local polygraph company to prove his innocence.

In a Facebook post at the time, he wrote: ‘I have had to put up with the most crazy rumor about me and my company for the past 17 years regarding an unsolved local disappearance of a local car dealer’s wife (who I didn’t even know).

 ‘The rumor was that she was murdered by others, and disposed of at my Oswego shredding plant with my knowledge.

‘Even though I have never even been questioned by law enforcement on this, the rumor continues and exists almost two decades later.

‘I called in the region’s top polygraph examiner and took a complete lie detector test in my office yesterday during work hours to finally put an end to this.’ 

Clover’s father Adam Weitsman, pictured, wants to teach his daughter about politics – and insists she chats with politicians from both ends of the spectrum 

Weitsman is the owner of Upstate Shredding, a $1 billion scrap metal empire

Now, Weitsman spends his time flying in his private jet with his three daughters and wife, Jim, a former fashion model.

They drive around in a $250,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost between their condominium overlooking Central Park and their other homes, and take their Lamborghini to cruise to their Finger Lakes summer retreat that he renovated for $20 million and filled with museum-quality furnishings, according to the Times-Union.

In 2010, Kim purchased the Krebs Restaurant in upstate New York, and in 2018, Weitsman began construction on a Mexican restaurant called Elephant and the Dove, while also working to develop a sushi bar in Oswego. 

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