Tree planted by Trump and Macron gets quarantined

It’s getting tree-tment.

The oak sapling that became the subject of a mystery over the weekend after it disappeared from the White House grounds after being planted by President Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, will spend “at least two years” in quarantine, the US Department of Agriculture said, according to a report Tuesday.

The tree is under the care of the agency’s Plant Health Inspection Service at a quarantine facility in Beltsville, Md., CNN reported.

It turns out that it was one of two oak trees that arrived at Dulles Airport on April 18 and transported to the center.

Last Monday, they were handed over to National Park Service staffers who helped Trump and Macron with the planting.

Their roots were covered in plastic so they wouldn’t contaminate the White House soil.

The following day, one of the trees was taken back to Beltsville, the report said.

The remaining tree was returned to the facility Thursday after Macron departed Washington, prompting questions why it had disappeared from the grounds.

“The trees may require at least two years of quarantine inspection. Pathogens like the fungi phytophthora are not visible, like insects are, so it is not unusual for APHIS to monitor imported plants for two years before determining they may be permanently placed,” an official told CNN.

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