Travis Scott stops concert while fan tries to steal his shoe in resurfaced clip

A resurfaced video of Travis Scott stopping his concert when a fan stole his shoe has gone viral after the tragedy that happened at Astroworld Festival.

At least eight people were killed and hundreds injured at the Friday night music event, which is now under investigation by police in Houston.

The 30-year-old rapper has broken silence and made a desperate plea for witnesses to step forward to share evidence after hundreds were injured, including a 10-year-old boy who is fighting for his life.

While some fans said Travis was calling security for help after seeing a struggled fan collapsed, others blasted him for not stopping the concert immediately.

On Twitter, a 2015 clip was shared showing the rapper putting a halt to his show when he realised one of his shoes was stolen by a fan.

The post read: "Travis Scott can stop a concert because someone tried to steal his shoe but not when literal people are dying and some of y'all are defending him?"

The footage, which was taken at the Openair Festival in Switzerland, shows Travis crowd-surfing not far from the stage and he suddenly signals to stop the music.

He holds his Yeezy shoe in one hand and yells: "Get that motherf***er, get 'em! You try to take my shoe? You wanna be a thief?"

He spits on the man and incites the fans to "f*** him up" before asking the security to remove him off the venue.

Viewers compared his reaction to how he handled the Astroworld festival on Friday.

One said: "He cares about a shoe more than a life."

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"Shoes gets stolen stops the show, people dying at the show keeps on playing," another wrote.

A third commented: "It's so sad that a lot of people, especially kids, look up to this guy.

"What is even more sad to me is that it's saying a lot about our society – how much we actually hate each other and how superficial we are."

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