Tory trio of rebels are playing with fire by trying to force No Deal off the table

Cabinet Ministers Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and David Gauke have launched a shamefully self-serving threat to back the Remoaners who are trying to force No Deal off the table.

But these rebels at the very heart of Government are playing with fire by openly challenging their own PM.

Their disloyal showboating will undermine our negotiations with Brussels at a critical stage.

By signalling they will defy Number 10 and side with backbenchers plotting to stall Britain’s EU exit, they are wiping out the PM’s options.

Jeremy Corbyn’s flip-flopping leader-ship is only making her position more precarious.

With members of her own Cabinet ranged against her, Mrs May is coming under massive pressure to abandon her sensible negotiating stance that No Deal is better than a bad deal.

The PM must resist this at all costs. If she takes No Deal off the table, Brussels will have no reason to make concessions.

Iain Duncan Smith says the rebels have taken a sledgehammer to the Government. We couldn’t agree more.

They have abandoned collective Cabinet responsibility. But they haven’t even shown the guts to resign.

Rewarded for hatred

IT is astonishing enough that this country has to welcome back jihadi fighters and their brides, despite their sickening brutality and hatred of British values.

But the news that town halls will be rolling out the red carpet for them at our expense is enough to make anyone’s blood boil.

Leaked Government documents show millions of pounds have been earmarked to pay benefits and housing support to hundreds of families who are returning from war-torn Syria following the destruction of the evil Islamic State.

First fanatics terrorised us. Now it seems they are mugging us too.

Ben's a real trooper

BEN McBEAN is a true hero.

He almost paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan, losing an arm, a leg and also part of his groin to a Taliban landmine.

So it is wonderful news that, against the medical odds, the former commando has become a father for the first time.

Ben and his young family are a supreme lesson in overcoming adversity.

We salute you, Superdad!

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