TIME Magazine Reveals New Cover Depicting President Trump Standing Firm Against Migrant Child

The latest in a hit parade of covers depicting the American President in a negative light, TIME continues to excoriate the administration for his political policy choices.

TIME Magazine is no friend of American President Donald Trump, that much is certain. Techly illustrates this in grand fashion with five selected covers all decrying the rule of the 45th President of the United States. The December 2016 issue of TIME shows a smug Donald Trump in a rich leather chair, captioned “President of the Divided States of America”. Even before this, the August 2016 issue illustrates then-candidate Trump as a melting orange face with golden hair, captioned “Meltdown”, pursued by an October issue the same year with even more damage done, entitled “Total Meltdown”.

Covers calling President Trump a “bully” and a “demagogue” were also in fashion for TIME’s editorial staff, the cherry on top of a stance taken by the publication that could brook no misunderstanding. TIME did not, does not, and likely never will support this American President. Their bias has been noted by several outlets and media watchdogs, including Accuracy in Media, and Townhall.

Now, TIME is hot on the heels of the latest socio-political fracas, looking to utilize the contentious issue of child migrants, unaccompanied or otherwise, attempting to gain illegal entry into the United States through the southern border as CNN reports. On a bright red background, the image of a small child in tears is juxtaposed against a tall, looking President Trump, looking affably carefree and coyly paternalistic. Small, white text sarcastically proclaims “Welcome to America”.

The insinuation is clear: America under President Trump couldn’t care less about the plight of the children. Wrapped up in pathos and raw emotionalism, TIME’s take on the increasingly polarized debate between border security and humanitarian concerns is clear, and does not rest on the side of Republicans or voters who support the current administration.

The child portrayed on the cover was photographed by Pulitzer-prize winning photographer John Moore. The two-year old girl, clad in a tiny pink jacket and matching shoes, was crying over the detention of her mother in McAllen, Texas. Moore said that he had to “stop and take deep breaths” after shooting the candid photograph.

Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order to temporarily alleviate the concerns surrounding the separation of migrant children and their guardians, biological parents or otherwise, while being processed at the border and placed in detention while investigation takes place according to the Inquisitr.

Critics of the executive order question whether Trump’s recent actions will actually result in better conditions for illegal aliens with families and unattended children seeking entry, while supporters note President Trump’s willingness to listen on issues and to craft compromise as legislative underpinnings for better rules take shape.

TIME‘s newest anti-Trump cover hits shelves July 2 of this year, just in time for Independence Day.

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