Ticklish pitbull 'laughs like a gremlin'

Ticklish pitbull ‘laughs like a gremlin’ every time her owner nuzzles her

  • Pitbull Anja cackles when Aslyn McNew’s daughter Lu nuzzles her furry neck
  • The dog opens her mouth and displays her teeth before licking Lu’s face
  • The comical footage was filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on December 8

This is the comical moment a pitbull cackles with laughter ‘like a gremlin’ when she is tickled by her owner.  

Aslyn McNew, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was filming her daughter Lu and their dog Anja lying on the bed watching TV when the dog let out the unusual laugh. 

Pitbull Anja releases a cackle after Aslyn McNew’s daughter Lu nuzzles her face into her neck at their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

During the clip, daughter Lu lounges next to Anja before nuzzling her head into the dog’s furry neck and making her laugh. 

The dog opens her mouth and displays her teeth before closing her jaw and licking Lu’s face with delight. 

Lu then repeats the action once more and the dog yet again releases the hysterical sound much to the amusement of her owners.

Following the comical moment Aslyn said: ‘Whenever Anja laughs like this, it brings is so much joy. 

‘She sounds like a gremlin to me. 

The rescue dog releases a comical laugh (left) before leaning her head back and affectionately licking Lu’s face (right)

‘She’ll always laugh like this when we tickle her and continues until we stop.

‘In fact, if Lu stops, Anja will try and get her to tickle her some more.

‘When we rescued her, she didn’t know how to live in a home as she had been left much longer than the other dogs.

‘It took a few months to get her really potty trained but she has become a great companion.’ 

Mother Aslyn McNew said that as her daughter Lu (pictured with Anja) nuzzled her head into the dog’s neck the sound was ‘like a gremlin’


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