Thundery and heavy downpours to transform heatwave to miserable washout

After Brits baked in the mini-heatwave over the past few days, the heat blast is being replaced with a miserable washout.

Thunderstorms, wind, and rain will batter the country in a complete u-turn – and the wet and wild conditions could start as early as today.

Thursday will see showers and thunderstorms but they'll disperse by the evening, according to the Met Office forecast.

However, areas in the north will see the rain persisting, as well as western parts of the UK.

The weather agency warns it'll feel "rather warm and muggy".

Moving into tomorrow, Friday will see a cloudy start to the day with patches. of rain in the north and west.

Although skies may brighten throughout the day there could still be breakouts of scattered showers in the afternoon, with some heavy and thundery downpours featuring in the north and southeast of Britain.

For the weekend, it's not looking like the heatwave will be returning anytime soon.

Rain is expected across northern Scotland on Saturday, with other parts largely dry with the odd shower.

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But the Met Office states temperatures are predicted to be close to average – meaning the heatwave has done its job and is not set to linger.

The rainfall could also make an appearance on Monday, with parts in the west likely to see more downpours.

Looking towards the middle of the month, the weather is turning warmer between September 14 and 23, but it'll also bring more unsettled conditions.

Thunderstorms will likely return, especially across the south, according to the long-range weather forecast.

Atlantic systems sweeping in from the west towards the end of next week have the potential to cause havoc in the UK, with a mix of windy spells, showers but also bright conditions.

The northeast will endure the wettest weather but the drier and warmer mercury is set for the southeast.

But hopes for a final blast of summer heat are still on the cards for the end of the month, as it appears sunshine is on the horizon.

A Met Office spokesperson told the Mirror: "After a very warm few days, the outlook changes and we will see more mild conditions as things again become a little unsettled.

"We expect that theme to continue, but towards the end of the month there is a signal that the warmer weather will return."

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