Thugs smash bottle in dog walker’s face leaving horrific wounds

Thugs smash bottle in dog walker’s face leaving him with horrific wounds after he tells them to pick up glass they had broken on the street

  • Horrific injuries were sustained by a dog walker after he was attacked by thugs 
  • The man stopped a group on the Isle of Wight after they left glass in the road 
  • A man then launched a violent attack on him in Cowes, on Thursday, July 26 
  • The man has asked not to be named but released images of his bloodied face 

A dog walker was left with horrific injuries after a teenager smashed a glass bottle into his face.

The victim, who has asked not to be named, was punched, kicked in the face and left in the street by a gang of young men and women in Cowes, Isle of Wight, last Thursday (July 26).

While out walking his pet the 41-year-old came across the group smashing bottles in the road. When he asked them to stop, he was set upon.

Shocking footage shows a young male swinging a bottle at the dog walker before punching, mounting him and raining down blows on the victim’s head, in front of a group of young women.

The attacker is then pulled away by a female- before the same young woman steals the victim’s shoe. 

A dog walker has appealed for help to find his attackers on the Isle of Wight after he was left bloodied and bruised

The young thug launched a brutal assault on the man who had reportedly asked him to pick up glass he was breaking

The man in the black t-shirt and black bottoms punched the dog walker to the floor and mounted him to hit him repeatedly 

The man, believed to be a teenager, punched the dog walker several times in the head because he asked him to clear up broken glass

The man revealed how his attackers laughed at him before fleeing.

He said: ‘I asked them very nicely to pick it up and explained my reasoning.

‘They then turned around and that was when I was smashed in the face. I fell to the ground. I felt my legs go.

‘It was whilst I was on the floor than one of them kicked me in the side of my face all for asking them to pick up the bottles that they had smashed.

‘The group then thought it was funny – they then laughed and ran off.’

The young man continued to attack his victim in the middle of the road, last Thursday (July 26)

A photo of the dog walker’s injuries has been circulating Isle of Wight Facebook groups attached to an appeal for information to find the attackers.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘We were called to reports on July 26 at 11.32pm in Bath Road, Cowes.

A young woman in a short outfit came over and pulled the attacker off of his victim – but moments later stole the dog walker’s shoe

The man was pushed to the ground and mounted by a teenager who began to punch him in the face

‘A 41-year-old male had been assaulted by a teenage boy causing lacerations to his head.

‘No arrests have been made.’

Many have taken to social condemning the attack.

Gem Casson said: ‘Oh my god that’s awful! Hope you find the cowardly scrotes and they get put away. Hope you recover quickly.’

Barry Pease said: ‘Shocking and these people need locking away pronto.’    

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 and quote 44180283639, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

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